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Aruba Managed Service Provider Bootcamp (AMSPB)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Central Introduction
  • Central cloud-based management features and advantages.
  • Management options for IAP and Aruba Access Switches, Networking, Guest management, report generation and maintenance.
  • Onboarding devise manually and using Zero touch or Cloud key.
  • Smart phone installations, registering for a Central account and using a subscription to manage devices.
  • Troubleshoot onboarding issues.
Groups, Sites, Labels
  • Setting up groups for the configuration of devices.
  • Device labels for monitoring, managing, and reporting purposes.
  • Sites for installation, monitoring, managing, and reporting.
WLAN Configuration
  • Wlan wizard
  • Wlan Vlan selection Wlan authentication Instant SSID
  • Zones
Captive Portal
  • Configuring Captive portal
  • VLAN assignment and Guest Roles CP Page
  • Splash page External CP
User Troubleshooting
  • Client GUI page Client view
  • Support commands IAP logs
  • IAP GUI view
  • IAP Network View (WLAN) Spectrum Analysis AppRF
  • Classification Attacks
  • Rogue Detection Containment
  • IDS monitoring and commands
Administrative Tasks
  • Backup and restore configuration reset
  • IAP reset converting IAP to RAP / CAP Admin User Roles
  • Certification
  • Centralized Management Options
IAP & Aruba Switch Configuration
  • Using groups for configuration.
  • Configuring a new WLAN with an access method.
  • Naming AP’s.
  • Introduction to guest access features including splash pages, authentication, configuring a Guest WLAN and monitoring guests on the network.
  • Central management of Aruba Access Switches to configure, monitor and more.
Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Monitor and troubleshooting for groups and devices.
  • Look at IAPs and clients and apply console commands.
  • Use troubleshooting commands.
Clarity, Presence analytic and AppRF
  • Application visibility into network activity.
  • Clarity network analytics and insights.
  • Presence Analytics insights into customer traffic.
  • Setup visual RF floorplans for planning and monitoring.
  • AP & client heat map verification.
  • RF layout for new sites, and topology network layouts.
Administration and Maintenance
  • Administrative user and custom pre-configured roles.
  • Reports for viewing network information and compliance.
  • Reporting on demand or periodically.
  • Managing device firmware.
  • Monitor logs for all deployed equipment.
Introduction to API and Certificates.