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Automating the Cisco Enterprise Cloud (CLDAUT)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

  • Module 1: Manage Private Cloud Infrastructure for IaaS
    • Lesson 1: Describing Cloud Automation and Management
    • Lesson 2: Describing Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite and Cloud Management
    • Lesson 3: Managing Devices for a Cloud Tenant Using Cisco UCS Director
    • Lesson 4: Managing Infrastructure Policies for IaaS Using Cisco UCS Director
    • Lesson 5: Managing VDCs in Cisco UCS Director
    • Lesson 6: Managing Workflows in an IaaS Tenant Cloud
    • Lesson 7: Managing Self-Service Provisioning in Cisco UCS Director
  • Module 2: Manage Private IaaS Catalog with Cisco PSC
    • Lesson 1: Publishing Cisco UCS Director Services in Cisco PSC
    • Lesson 2: Ordering IaaS Services as an End User Using Cisco PSC
  • Module 3: Cisco VACS for Provisioning Private IaaS with Network Automation
    • Lesson 1: Identifying Cisco VACS
    • Lesson 2: Defining the Policies for Containers
    • Lesson 3: Creating a Cisco VACS 3-Tier Internal Template Automation
    • Lesson 4: Creating a Cisco VACS 3-Tier External Template Automation
    • Lesson 5: Publishing Discovered Cisco VACS Services in Cisco PSC
  • Module 4: Application Provisioning and Life-Cycle Management
    • Lesson 1: Ordering a Virtual Server Using Cisco PSC
    • Lesson 2: Ordering a Physical Server Using Cisco PSC
    • Lesson 3: Ordering a Multi-Tier Application Container Using Cisco PSC
    • Lesson 4: Managing Application Containers
    • Lesson 5: Manage Life Cycles of Cloud Resources
    • Lesson 6: Managing Snapshots
  • Module 5: Management Intercloud Fabric Connectivity for IaaS in Hybrid Cloud
    • Lesson 1: Configuring Intercloud Fabric Connectivity
    • Lesson 2: Managing VM Templates to Deploy New Workloads
    • Lesson 3: Managing Intercloud Fabric Infrastructure
    • Lesson 4: Managing Routing Policies for Secure VM Communication in the Hybrid Cloud