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Cisco Stealthwatch Security (SSO)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Day One

  • Cisco Stealthwatch Security Course Overview
  • Introduction to Security
  • Using Stealthwatch in the Proactive Mode
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Investigation and Detection Using Stealthwatch
  • Lab: Using Top Reports and Flow Tables for Detection
  • Lab: Creating and Using Dashboards for Detection
  • Lab: Creating Custom Security Events
  • Lab: Proactive Investigation Practice

Day Two

  • Using Stealthwatch in the Operational Mode
  • Alarms and Alarm Response
  • Lab: Responding to Alarms
  • Maps
  • Lab: Using Maps for Incident Response
  • Host Identification
  • Lab: Identify Hosts Using Host Snapshot and Host Report
  • Culminating Scenario: Using Stealthwatch for Insider Threats
  • Security Best Practices in Stealthwatch
  • Cisco Stealthwatch Security Course Outcomes