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Delivering Business Outcomes through Security (BLSS)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Essentials of Selling Security

  • Exercise: ‘Review of basic security knowledge’
  • Cisco strategy and focus
  • Customer needs and identifying who can influence security purchases
  • Criteria that make for a successful CxO
  • Current technology trends
  • Getting the attention of the security buyer

Business Transformation & Business Initiatives

  • Customer Concerns, Business Transformation & Initiatives
  • How Security links to Business Outcomes
  • Workshop Exercise: ‘Initiatives to deliver Business Outcomes’
  • Linking Initiatives to Security Concerns
  • Identifying the customer/workforce experience

Understanding the Customer

  • The importance of a customer’s Security Context
  • Workshop Exercise: ‘Identify element of the Company Profile and Security Context’
  • Workshop Exercise: ‘Defining Business Implications Needs and Technical Solutions’
  • Workshop Exercise: ‘Identifying Customer Needs and Security Threats’

Cisco Security Solutions

  • Cisco Security Strategy
  • Comprehensive Security Portfolio
  • Security Platform Architecture
  • Professional Security Services

Determining Security Priorities

  • What should be our Security focus?
  • Risk Assessment Methodology
  • Risk Assessment Example

Positioning Cisco Security Solutions

  • Cisco’s Architectural Approach
  • Cisco’s security credibility
  • Positioning of Cisco’s security solutions

Positioning Cisco Security Solutions

  • Sources of objections
  • Overcoming objections
  • Workshop Exercise: ‘Overcoming Objections of Cisco Security Solutions’

Delivering Business Outcomes with Cisco Security

  • Workshop Exercise: ‘Creating a Compelling Security Proposition’
  • Summary
  • Questions