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OnCommand Insight: Business Insights (OCIBI)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Module 1: Introduction to Reporting

  • OnCommand Insight (OCI) overview
  • Phased approach to reporting
  • Storage manager dashboard
  • OCI storage automation store

Module 2: Operational Reporting

  • Queries, widgets and dashboards
  • Custom dashboards
  • Adding dashboard widgets

Module 3: Data Warehouse

  • OCI data warehouse overview
  • Data warehouse database
  • Data models

Module 4: Business Reporting: Chargeback

  • Annotations, business entities and applications
  • IBM Cognos analytics – reporting

Module 5: Business Reporting: virtual Machine Performance

  • IBM Cognos analytics: controlling report contents
  • Including charts in a report
  • Including links

Module 6: Business Reporting: Storage Pool Capacity

  • Drill through capability
  • Styles
  • Conditional formatting
  • Report formatting

Module 7: Maintaining OnCommand Insight Reporting Capabilities

  • Reporting portal
  • Data warehouse admin portal
  • Data warehouse documentation
  • RESTful APIs


  • Accessing the data warehouse reporting portal
  • Importing a report from the storage automation store
  • Creating an application operation dashboard
  • Creating a virtual machine operation dashboard
  • Creating a storage capacity operations dashboard
  • Creating a report in IBM Cognos that is centered on application chargeback
  • Creating a report in IBM Cognos that is centered on virtual machine performance
  • Creating a report in IBM Cognos that is centered on storage use