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Oracle Universal Records Management 11g: Administration (D68994)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Introduction and Overview
  • Overview of Oracle Enterprise Content Management Suite
  • About ECM architecture
  • Discussing URM Installation options
  • Discussing URM vs. UCM with Records Management
  • About life cycle for records
  • Describing typical Retention process
  • What is External Physical Content?
  • About Dashboard
Browsing the Retention Schedule
  • What is a Retention Schedule?
  • About Retention schedule hierarchy
  • Discussing methods for browsing retention schedules
  • Accessing the retention schedule: Using the browse content tray
  • Viewing information
  • Viewing disposition information for a category
  • Viewing life cycle information
Checking in Content for Retention
  • About options for Contributing Content
  • Discussing the importance of Metadata
  • Checking In using the Standard Check-In Form
  • Checking In from within a Retention Schedule
  • What Is Desktop Integration Suite?
  • Checking In email messages from Microsoft Outlook
  • About My Favorites
Searching for Content
  • About methods for searching
  • Accessing the expanded search page
  • Describing Full-Text searches
  • Describing Metadata searches
  • Understanding the search results page
  • Freezing items
  • Saving search queries
Working with Physical Content
  • About Physical Content Management
  • Describing methods for accessing physical content
  • About Storage space
  • Viewing Storage location information and items
  • Creating a Physical and Electronic content record
  • Searching for physical content
  • Working with content baskets
  • Working with reservations
Related Content: Linking Records
  • About methods for creating links
  • About predefined relationship types
  • About relationship classes
  • Linking to an existing Item
  • Linking to a new Item
Using Simple Profiles
  • About metadata complexity
  • What are profiles?
  • Discussing simple profiles versus configuration manager profiles
  • What can I control with a profile?
  • About Trigger fields and Trigger values
  • Discussing types of profiles
  • About profile comparison
  • Creating a simple system profile
System Setup and URM Administration
  • Describing configuration options
  • About the setup checklist
  • Accessing the settings page
  • Accessing administrative applets
Implementing a Universal Records Management Security Model
  • About security overview
  • About URM security layers
  • Implementing security
  • About Security Groups, Roles, and Rights
  • Creating a Role
  • Working with Users and Aliases
  • Creating WLS Users and Groups
Implementing a URM Security Model: Additional Security Settings
  • Extending Oracle URM Security
  • About additional security components
  • What are Access Control Lists?
  • Enabling ACLs
  • Adding users to a retention schedule object ACL list
  • What are Supplemental Markings?
  • What are Custom Security Fields?
  • Discussing additional security measures
The Oracle UCM Adapter
  • Discussing Oracle URM and Adapters
  • What are Adapters?
  • Describing URM searching methods
  • About Oracle UCM Adapter
  • About UCM Adapter installation components
  • About UCM Adapter retention options
  • About UCM Adapter configuration
  • Discussing data synchronization
Non-UCM Adapters: The File System Adapter
  • Connecting to content repositories
  • Searching external repositories
  • Discussing File System Adapter and its behavior
  • Installing and Configuring the file system adapter
  • Starting the file system Adapter
  • Previewing the search results
  • Accessing file system content
Implementing a Retention Schedule
  • About Retention Schedules
  • Planning a retention schedule: hierarchy
  • Discussing attributes of retention schedule objects
  • Inheriting Attributes
  • Creating and Managing Retention Schedule objects
Defining Disposition Instructions
  • What are Dispositions?
  • Disposition Instructions: architecture
  • What are Triggers?
  • Discussing retention period
  • About types of Disposition Triggers
  • Creating a disposition instruction
Working with Triggers and Freezes
  • Describing types of Triggers
  • About System-Derived, Custom, and Global triggers
  • Creating Global, Custom Direct, and Direct triggers
  • About custom records metadata
  • Creating custom URM metadata fields
  • What are Freezes?
  • Describing the discovery process
  • Creating a Freeze
Configuring Physical Content Manager
  • Discussing physical content management environment
  • About supported layouts and Search Template views
  • About PCM setup tasks
  • Accessing the configure PCM settings page
  • Configuring custom locations
  • Creating custom object types
  • Configuring object type relationships
  • Setting default metadata values for reservation items and offsite storage
Administering Oracle URM
  • Reviewing pending assignments and dispositions
  • Screening and updating metadata
  • Creating custom freezes
  • Scheduling tasks
  • Creating audit trails
  • Generating various reports
Exporting and Importing Archives
  • About archiving overview
  • Discussing archiver vs. configuration migration utility
  • About Export-Import process
  • What you can archive: Import/Export archive page
  • Exporting a retention schedule
  • What you can archive: Archiver Applet
  • Exporting records and content
  • Exporting the disposition history of related objects