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Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x Administration (D74942)

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Introduction to the course
  • Overview
  • Course goals
  • Course agenda
  • Introduction
  • Your Learning Center
Introducing Oracle Solaris Cluster Hardware and Software
  • Describe the role of clustering as a high availability (HA) platform
  • Describe the Oracle Solaris Cluster hardware and software environment
  • Describe the types of applications supported by Oracle Solaris Cluster
  • Describe the Oracle Solaris Cluster software HA framework
Establishing Cluster Node Console Connectivity
  • Describe the different methods for accessing the cluster node console
  • Install the pconsole utility
Preparing for the Oracle Solaris Cluster Installation
  • Describe the guidelines for planning Oracle Solaris software installation in a cluster configuration
  • Describe the various cluster storage topologies
  • Describe the role of quorum devices and quorum votes
  • Describe persistent quorum reservations and cluster amnesia
  • Identify the cluster transport interconnects
  • Identify the public network adapters
Configuring the Oracle Solaris Cluster Software
  • Install the Oracle Solaris Cluster software
  • Configure the Oracle Solaris Cluster software
  • Describe sample cluster configuration scenarios
  • Perform quorum configuration
  • Perform post-installation verification
Administering Oracle Solaris Cluster
  • List commands for administering the cluster
  • Assign authorizations and privileges for administering the cluster
  • Administer Cluster Global Properties
  • Administer Cluster Nodes
  • Administer Quorum in a cluster configuration
  • Administer Disk Path Monitoring
  • Administer SCSI Protocol Settings of Storage Devices
  • Administer Cluster Interconnect components
Configuring Volume Management With ZFS
  • Build ZFS storage pools and file systems for cluster data
  • Create backups for cluster data with snapshots
Configuring Volume Management with Solaris Volume Manager
  • Describe the role of Solaris Volume Manager in disk space management
  • Manage shared disksets in cluster environment
  • Build volumes in shared disk sets with soft partitions of mirrors
  • Create highly available file systems
  • Manage Solaris Volume Manager device group
Managing the Public Network
  • Manage the Public Network with IPMP
  • Manage the Public Network with Link aggregation
Managing Data Services, Resource Groups, and HA-NFS
  • Describe the Oracle Solaris Cluster data services
  • Describe the primary purpose of resources, resource groups and resource types
  • List the guidelines for using global and highly available local file systems
  • Describe standard, extension, and resource group properties
  • Configure resources and resource groups
  • Control the state of resources and resource groups manually
Configuring Scalable Services and Advanced Resource Group Relationships
  • Describe scalable services and shared addresses
  • Describe the properties of resource groups and scalable groups
  • Describe how the SharedAddress resource works with scalable services
  • Review command examples for a scalable service
  • Control scalable resources and resource groups
  • Describe advanced resource group relationships
Configuring Oracle Solaris Zones in Oracle Solaris Cluster
  • Describe HA for zones
  • Configure a failover zone
  • Configure HA for Oracle Solaris kernel zones
  • Configure a zone cluster
  • Identify cross-cluster affinities and dependencies
Exploring Oracle Solaris Cluster Use Cases
  • Configure Oracle 12c as a failover application
  • Configure the Oracle Solaris Cluster using unified archive (demonstration)