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UNIX and Linux Essentials (D76989)

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Introduction to UNIX
  • Overview of the UNIX Operating System
  • Executing Commands from the Command Line
Working with Files and Directories
  • Determining Where You Are in the Directory Structure
  • Viewing File Content
  • Copying Files and Directories
  • Creating and Removing Files and Directories
  • Searching Files and Directories
Using the vi Editor
  • Introducing the vi Editor
  • Modifying Files with the vi Editor
Using Commands within the Default Shell
  • Using Shell Expansion
  • Using Variables in the Bash Shell
  • Displaying the Command History
  • Redirecting Commands
  • Working with User Initialization Files
Using Basic File Permissions
  • Viewing File and Directory Permissions
  • Changing the Permissions
  • Modifying Default Permissions
Performing Basic Process Control
  • System Processes Overview
  • Managing Processes
Using Advanced Shell Features in Shell Scripts
  • Using Advanced Shell Features
  • Creating Shell Scripts
Archiving Files and Performing Remote Transfer
  • Archiving and Retrieving Files
  • Compressing, Viewing, and Uncompressing Files
  • Performing Remote Connections and File Transfers