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Oracle Solaris 11 Security Administration (D77033)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

  • Overview
  • Course Goals
  • Course Agenda
  • Introductions
  • Your Learning Center
  • Your lab environment
Plan for basic security
  • Evaluate security principles
  • Analyze the need for a security policy
  • Configure systems securely
  • Perform a security audit
  • Evaluate the need for upgrading systems
Identify Oracle Solaris 11 Security Technologies
  • Describing Oracle Solaris 11 OS Security
  • Exploring Oracle Solaris 11 Security Features
Secure Users and Processes
  • Introducing user and process rights
  • Managing user rights
  • Managing process rights
Manage SMF Security Behavior
  • Describing SMF Configuration
  • Managing Services
Manage Encryption and Certificates
  • Describing Cryptographic Services
  • Implementing the Cryptographic Framework
  • Implementing Key Management Framework (KMF)
Manage Auditing
  • Describing Oracle Solaris Auditing
  • Configuring Oracle Solaris Auditing
  • Administering the audit service
  • Managing the audit records
Secure Files and File System
  • Managing ZFS File System Security
  • Verifying File Integrity
  • Controlling Access to Files
Secure Systems and Attached Devices
  • Protecting System integrity
  • Controlling System Access
  • Controlling Access to Devices
  • Assessing the Compliance of an Oracle Solaris System
Manage Authentication Services
  • Implement PAM to Authenticate Users
  • Implementing Kerberos Authentication Mechanism
  • Securing remotely accesses file systems
Secure the Network
  • Describe network security
  • Implementing Secure Shell
  • Implementing TCP Wrappers
  • Configuring Packet Filter to control network access
  • Configure IPsec and IKE
Secure Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Describing Zones Security
  • Integrating Security Features into Zones
  • Managing Resources in Zones
  • Managing Network Security in Zones
Implement Labeled Security Using Trusted Extensions
  • Describing labeled security
  • Managing Trusted Extensions