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Oracle WebCenter Content 11g: Content Server Administration (D77795)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Webcenter Content Server Overview
  • WebCenter Content Overview
Webcenter Content Server End-User Skills
  • Personalizing Oracle WebCenter Content Server
  • Contributing Content
  • Searching and Subscribing to Content
  • Revising Content
Implementing Security
  • Understanding Administrative Responsibilites
  • Implementing a Role-Based Security Model
  • Implementing an Account-Based Security Model
Implementing a Metadata Model
  • Understanding Content Types
  • Understanding Custom Metadata
  • About Dependent Choice Lists
  • Managing Metadata using Rules
  • Using Profiles to Customize Content Pages
Configuring Webcenter Content Server
  • Configuring Webcenter Content Server using Administration Tools
  • Configuring Webcenter Content Server using Components
Configuring Webcenter Content Server for alternative methods of contribution and performing mass contributions
  • Configuring Webcenter Content Server for WebDAV/Desktop Integration Suite
  • Contributing Mass Content using Batch Loader
  • Explaining Workflow Concepts
  • About Criteria Workflows
  • Extending Workflows
  • Discussing BPEL Integration
Managing Content
  • Managing Content and Subscriptions
  • Using Folios and Folio Administration
  • Updating Mass-Metadata and Creating Backups
System Migration
  • About Configuration Migration Utility (CMU)
  • About Export, Import and Replication or Transfer of Content
Integrating WebCenter Content
  • About WebCenter Content Web Services