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Oracle Identity Governance 11g R2: Develop Identity Provisioning (D82660)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Oracle Identity Governance 11g Architecture and Development Tools
  • Identity Management and Governance concepts
  • Oracle Identity Governance and Oracle Identity Manager and its architecture
  • Oracle Identity Manager Use Cases
  • Oracle Identity Manager user interface consoles and development tools
Oracle Identity Manager APIs
  • Business Scenarios for Oracle Identity Manager Client APIs
  • Oracle Identity Manager Client APIs
  • Java Client API
  • Comparison
Developing Connectors to Integrate Systems
  • Introducing connectors for system integration
  • Developing a custom ICF connector implementation
  • Identity Connector Framework Architecture
  • Developing a Connector with the ICF SPI
  • Developing a Connector implementation class
  • Creating a Configuration implementation class
  • Implementing Connector operation interfaces and methods
  • Packaging a custom ICF connector
Testing and Installing ICF Connectors
  • Testing connectors with the Identity Connector Framework
  • Developing a Test Application with the ICF API
  • Installing an ICF connector
  • Managing connector life cycle
Implementing Reconciliation
  • Overview of reconciliation and types of reconciliation
  • Reconciliation architecture, approaches, and profile modes
  • Implementing the Reconciliation
  • Comparing Trusted Source and Target Source reconciliation configuration
Customizing Reconciliation with Plug-ins, Event Handlers, and Scheduled Tasks
  • Describing the plug-in framework, and developing plug-ins for plug-in points
  • Explaining Oracle Identity Manager orchestration concepts
  • Creating an event handler
  • Developing a custom scheduled task
  • Troubleshooting plug-in code
Installing and Extending an Oracle Identity Manager Connector
  • Oracle Identity Manager connectors: Review
  • Installing and configuring an out of the box connector
  • Extending an Oracle Identity Manager out of the box connector
Advanced Entitlement Administration
  • Entitlements Overview
  • Entitlement Management Tasks
  • Understanding requests
Customizing Approval Processes in SOA Suite
  • Oracle Identity Manager Workflow Scenarios
  • Writing Workflow Policies
  • Approval stages for Single, Bulk, and Heterogeneous Requests
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g and SOA Composite Overview
  • Developing a custom Approval for Oracle Identity Manager
Customizing the Self Profile Management
  • Oracle Identity Manager Architecture for Web UI: Overview
  • ADF Components and Expression Language: Overview
  • Understanding Web Composer
  • Understanding System entities
  • Understanding Oracle Identity Manager authorization
  • Customizing the Self Service Profile Management
Advanced Oracle Identity Manager User Interface Customizations
  • Describing MVC architecture layers and benefits
  • Reviewing Oracle Identity Manager UI Architecture
  • ADF and Expression Language Overview
  • Understanding approaches to customize Oracle Identity Manager UI
  • Extending Oracle Identity Manager with a custom ADF application
  • Providing links in Oracle Identity Manager
  • Changing Oracle Identity Manager console logo: Steps
Customizing the Application Instance Form for Access Requests
  • Customizing the application instance form
  • Customizing the Application Instance Form
Exploring Identity Auditor and Role Lifecycle Management
  • Identity Auditor Overview
  • How to Enable Identity Auditor?
  • What happens when you enable Identity Auditor?
  • Identity Auditor User Interfaces
  • Role Lifecycle Management
  • Role Lifecycle Management Flow
Implementing Advanced Certification
  • Introducing Certification
  • Certification Concepts
  • Configuring Certifications
  • Managing Certification Definitions
  • Understanding Risk Summaries and Closed-Loop Remediation
  • Understanding Event Listeners and Multi-phased reviews
  • Understanding Certification oversight
  • Understanding Certification reports
Implementing Advanced Identity Audit
  • Segregation of Duties (SoD) and Identity Audit (IDA)
  • IDA Concepts
  • Configuring IDA
  • IDA in Action
  • IDA versus Certification
  • Customizing the IDA remediation composite
Customizing Oracle Identity Manager Reports
  • Oracle Identity Manager Audit and Reporting: Overview
  • Oracle Identity Manager Data: Overview
  • Audit Engine - Strategies and Reporting
  • BI Publisher - Management and Reporting
  • Customizing Oracle Identity Manager Reports
  • Automating Oracle Identity Manager Reports