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Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g for Developers (D83181)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

  • Identifying the course objectives
  • Familiarising with the course schedule and material
  • Getting introduced to related training
Introduction to Oracle WebCenter Portal
  • Overview of Enterprise Portal
  • Overview of Oracle WebCenter Portal
  • Describing a typical WebCenter Portal topology and its main components
Getting Started with Portal Builder
  • Introducing Portal Builder
  • Navigating through WebCenter Portal Home Portal
  • Creating a Portal using Portal Builder
Adding Navigation Elements
  • Overview of Portal Assets
  • Overview of Portal Pages
  • Creating Pages
  • About Portal Navigation
  • Adding Navigation Elements to a portal
Populating Pages
  • Overview of Portal Editor
  • Editing a portal
  • About Navigation Elements: Pages
  • Overivew of Resource Catalog
Integrating Content
  • Overview of Document Services
  • Rendering Content
  • Using Content Presenter to display content
  • Using Responsive templates
  • Creating wikis and blogs
Presenting Data
  • Creating data controls to retrieve data from data base
  • Creating task flows from data controls for presenting data
  • Presenting data as a table, form or graph in your portal by using task flows with data controls
  • Retrieving data from a Web Service
Securing Portal Resources
  • Configuring application security
  • Configuring portal security
Delivering Content Dynamically
  • Writing expressions using the Expression Builder
  • Customizing content in the navigation model
  • Customizing content on portal pages
Managing Mobile Devices and Device Groups
  • Viewing portal on mobile device
  • Creating devices and device groups
  • Managing device groups
  • Designing pages for multiple channels (tablet, mobile)
  • Detecting Devices
Searching the Portal
  • Overview of Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES)
  • Adding Secure Enterprise Search (SES) to a portal
  • Configuring Search
  • Using Search
Enhancing Assets by using JDeveloper
  • Overview of Assets
  • Getting Started with JDeveloper for enhancing assets
  • Methods of accessing and enhancing portal assets from JDeveloper
  • Importing and exporting assets
Creating Page Templates
  • Overview of Page template
  • Working with page templates
  • Creating a page template in JDeveloper
Creating Page Styles
  • Creating page styles in Portal Builder
  • Enhancing page styles in Portal Builder
Developing Skins
  • Overview of Skin
  • Creating a Skin
  • Working with skins
  • Applying a Skin to your Application
Creating Content Presenter Display Templates
  • Overview of Content Presenter
  • Using the Content Presenter task flow
  • Reviewing Responsive Templates
  • Creating Custom Content Presenter Templates
  • Modifying Existing Out-of-the-box Templates
  • Creating New Content Presenter Templates in JDeveloper
Using Portlets
  • Overview of Portlet
  • About Anatomy of a portlet
  • Describing Portlet modes
  • Customization and personalization
  • Consuming portlets in webcenter portal
  • Discussing Portlet technologies
  • Registering a Portlet Producer
Creating Custom Task flows
  • Overview of ADF- Business Component (ADF-BC)
  • Creating a Task Flow from ADF
  • Registering the task flow with WebCenter Portal
  • Adding the task flow to a resource catalog and use it in portal page
Packaging and Deploying Portals
  • Describing WebLogic domain components
  • Describing WebCenter Portal environment
  • Exporting and Importing a Portal
  • Creating a Portal Template
  • Exporting and Importing a Portal Template
  • Overview of the log files