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Oracle B2B 11g: Concepts and Implementation (D83487)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

B2B Overview
  • Describing and addressing the requirements of E-Commerce
  • Explaining how Oracle B2B fits into a SOA implementation
  • Describing the Oracle B2B building blocks
  • Identifying typical Oracle B2B deployment topologies
Oracle B2B Standards and Concepts
  • Describing what B2B standards address
  • Identify the basic components of B2B transactions
  • Identifying trading partners and documents by using the different B2B protocols
  • Describing Oracle B2B capabilities
Document Management: Creating Guidelines
  • Describing the main steps in the Oracle B2B process flow
  • Identifying the different document protocols supported in Oracle B2B
  • Listing the Oracle B2B Document Editor components
  • Creating guidelines by using Oracle B2B Document Editor
Document Management: Creating Document Definition
  • Describing document hierarchy
  • Creating document definitions by using the Oracle B2B interface
  • Describing the protocol parameters for different document protocols
Partner Management: Creating Profiles
  • Creating trading partner profiles
  • Creating trading partner users
  • Adding document definitions
  • Configuring delivery channels
Creating and Deploying Agreements
  • Describing trading partner agreements
  • Listing the main steps for creating agreements
  • Managing agreements
Channels and SOA Applications
  • Describing and Using B2B Channels
  • Describing how Channels are used with Agreements
  • Distinguishing between internal channels and external channels
  • Distinguishing between listening channels and trading partner delivery channels
  • Describing the main components of a SOA application that can be used with B2B
Web Services Support in B2B
  • Describing the Web Services features available in B2B
  • Setting up B2B to receive and respond to a message sent using Web Services
  • Setting up B2B to send an outgoing message using Web Services protocol
Reporting: Oracle B2B
  • Describing reporting functionality in Oracle B2B
  • Creating different types of reports
  • Describing the usage of Oracle B2B metrics
  • Diagnosing different types of errors
  • Describing B2B system and partner metrics
  • Listing the steps to integrate with BAM for real-time reports
  • Outlining use cases for the Instance Message Java API
  • Describing users and roles in Oracle B2B
  • Describing document obfuscation and document provisioning
  • Explaining the functionality of the secure sockets layer
System Management
  • Deploying and managing agreements
  • Creating identifier types
  • Importing and exporting B2B design-time data
  • Batching EDI messages
  • Scheduling partner down time
  • Configuring listening channels
  • Purging data
  • Configuring B2B parameters
B2B Java API
  • Listing the available B2B Java APIs
  • Describing the functionalities of Java Callouts
  • Describing the use cases of transport level callout and agreement level callout
  • Configuring Java callouts in Oracle B2B Console
  • Writing basic Java callouts
  • Using Instance Message APIs to access runtime data
B2B Tools and Utilities
  • Using web service-based tools
  • Using command-line tools
  • Creating bulk B2B metadata with SelfService utility