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JavaScript and HTML5: Develop Web Applications (D84842)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

  • Knowing the objectives of the course
  • Setting up the Environment
Web Application Essentials
  • Creating HTML5 Applications in NetBeans
  • Running HTML pages and analizing them by using the browser's development tools
  • Separating CSS and JavaScript content from HTML pages
  • Running HTML5 Applications in NetBeans
  • Practice: Creating HTML5 Web Applications with NetBeans 8
  • Practice: Separating JavaScript and CSS Resources
JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Writing JavaScript code to declare variables, objects, functions and arrays
  • Writing JavaScript Arrays to store data
  • Defining JavaScript Objects as a key-value store
  • Accessing the properties of an object
  • Practice: Writing JavaScript code to pass tests in Jasmine
Combining HTML5 and JavaScript in Web Applications
  • Creating HTML5 Documents
  • Creating HTML5 Forms to request information and process it
  • Validating HTML5 form input
  • Writing JavaScript functions for HTML5 events
  • Manipulating HTML5 elements through DOM
  • Practice: Writing JavaScript code to modify document elements
The JavaScript API
  • Validating user input with JavaScript and Regular Expressions
  • Handling multiple values with JavaScript Collections
  • Manipulating Dates with the JavaScript Date API
  • Practice: Creating a meal-divider application
  • Practice: Calculating the total based on the age
Web Application Data
  • Converting Objects to JSON Strings
  • Parsing JSON Strings into JavaScript Objects
  • Storing Objects by using the JSON API, Cookies, and Local Storage
  • Practice: Saving user input using JSON and Local Storage
  • Practice: Restoring saved data when page loads
Style Applications using CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Applying CSS styles to HTML documents
  • Using CSS3 features to add dynamic styles to elements with events
  • Using Media Queries and media data to adapt to different screens
  • Using JavaScript to add and remove styles from elements
  • Practice: Writing CSS rules to style elements in the document
Advanced JavaScript
  • Defining Functions
  • Creating Closures and explaining Variable Scope
  • Writing JavaScript functions as modules
  • Creating Prototypes
  • Creating Drag-and-Drop interactions with JavaScript
  • Creating JavaScript Timers and Delays to create animations in HTML
  • Using the HTML5 Canvas Object to draw in pages
  • Practices: Creating a Canvas, intervals, Drag and Drop, and implementing Mouse Gestures
AJAX and WebSocket
  • Using AJAX with JavaScript to request data from an Application Server
  • Using AJAX to consume RESTful Web Services
  • Using AJAX calls to create "Server Push" interactions
  • Identifying alternatives to AJAX used in legacy code
  • Understanding AJAX Security
  • Using WebSocket to create Real-time Client/Server interactions
  • Identifying the required Back-End technologies for REST and WebSocket with Java EE7
  • Practices: Creating a Single-Page Application using RESTand a Tic-Tac-Toe Game Client with WebSocket
Developing Applications with jQuery
  • Adding jQuery and jQuery UI libraries to your projects
  • Using Selectors and DOM manipulators to handle documents
  • Handling Events with jQuery
  • Animating elements and Applying effects in the document
  • Handling AJAX server responses