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Zones Administration on Oracle Solaris 11 (D93397)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

  • Overview
  • Course Goals
  • Course Agenda
  • Introductions
  • Your Learning Center
Introduction to Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Introduction to Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Oracle Solaris Zones Architectural Overview
  • Characteristics of combined virtualization models
  • Oracle Solaris Zones States
  • Planning Oracle Solaris Zones
Configuring Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Non-global Zone Configuration Methods
  • Zone Configuration Tools
  • Zone Configuration Components
  • Zone Template Properties
  • Configuring Non - global Zones on a Local Host
  • Immutable Global Zones
  • Immutable Non-Global Zones
  • Startup and shutdown non - global zones
Deploying Oracle Solaris Zones using Automatic Installation (AI)
  • Configuring Zones for AI Deployment
  • Deploy Zone Using AI
Migrating Oracle Solaris 10 Systems and Native Zones
  • Solaris10 Branded Zones
  • Migrating an Oracle Solaris 10 System
  • Migrating an Oracle Solaris 10 Native Zone
  • Installing Non-global Zones on Shared Storage (ZOSS)
  • Migrating a non-global zone in a ZOSS configuration
  • Migrating a Kernel Zone
Administering Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Managing Zone Services
  • Managing Zone Storage
  • Managing Zone Networks
  • Managing Zone Packages
  • Cloning and Moving Non-Global Zones
  • Using a Unified Archive to Clone a Zone
  • Backing Up and Restoring Zone
  • Using a Unified Archive to Backup and Restore a Zone
Administering Zone Networks
  • Zone Network Resources and Properties
  • Network Virtualization
  • Consolidating Networks Using Network Virtualization
  • Using Network Flow Control in a Zone
  • IP - Mulpipathing in a Zone
Configuring Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones
  • Non-global Zone Configuration Methods
  • Kernel Zone hardware and software requirements
  • Kernel Zones Architecture
  • Configuring Kernel Zones
  • Kernel Zones Resources
  • Verified boot policy
  • Deploying a Kernel Zone
  • Suspending and Resuming Kernel Zones
Optimizing Workloads by Managing Resources
  • Introduction t o Resource Management
  • Live Zone Reconfiguration
  • Projects and Tasks
  • Fair Share Scheduler (FSS)
  • Resource Pools
  • Resource Capping
Monitoring and Troubleshooting Oracle Solaris Zone
  • Introduction to Oracle Solaris Zone Monitoring
  • Extended Accounting Facility
  • Monitoring Zone Resource Consumption
  • Monitoring Workloads
  • Tune Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Zone Troubleshooting