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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne System Administration Rel 9.2 (D95467)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Technology Overview
  • Describing CNC Terminology
  • Describing CNC Architecture
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Metadata
  • Describing the Development Cycle
  • Describing Web Architecture
  • Business Services with Fusion Middleware
  • Describing Server Manager
  • Describing How to Access JD Edwards Documentation
Describing Menus, Views and Versions
  • Creating User-based or Custom Menus/Views
  • Using Versions
Security Overview
  • Describing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Security Components
  • Describing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Security Architecture
Describing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Security Concepts
  • Defining Users, Roles, and System IDs
  • Defining the Implementation of User Accounts and Roles
  • Discussing Environments
  • Describing Solution Explorer Security
  • Managing Fast Path
  • Analyzing JDENET Processes
  • Analyzing Database Structures
  • Starting and Stopping Services on Web Logic Server
  • Starting and Stopping Services on WAS
  • Describing Kernel Recycling
Managing Objects
  • Describing Object Management Workbench
  • Describing Object Management Configuration
  • Evaluating the Data Browser
  • Describing Batch Promotion Utility
  • Using Interactive Versions
  • Describing Package Build and Deployment
Administering Data Tools and Customization
  • Describing UDCs
  • Describing Data Dictionary
  • Describing Vocabulary Overrides
  • Describing User Overrides
Administering Batch Jobs
  • Defining Printers
  • Setting Up Batch Versions
  • Describing the Work With Servers Application
  • Using the Scheduler Application
  • Creating and Submitting Reports in BI Publisher
  • One View Reporting Foundation
Administering Media Objects and Flat File Encoding
  • Describing Media Objects
  • Setting Up Media Objects and Imaging
  • Understanding Flat File Encoding
Managing User Defined Objects
  • Describing User Defined Objects
  • Managing Security for User Defined Objects
Describing Software Updates and Tools Releases
  • Describing Software Updates and Tools Releases
  • Applying Software Updates and Tools Releases
Enabling EnterpriseOne Pages
  • Describing EnterpriseOne Pages
  • Activating EnterpriseOne Pages
Creating and Enabling Auto Suggest
  • Understanding Auto Suggest
  • Enabling Auto Suggest
  • Creating Auto Suggest Business Views
Setting Up Hover Forms
  • Understanding Hover Forms
  • Associating Hover Forms with Data Items
  • Enabling or Disabling Hover Forms
Troubleshooting Overview
  • Describing General Troubleshooting Principles
  • Describing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Components
Using Log and Configuration Files for Troubleshooting
  • Defining JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Log Files
  • Using the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne JDE.INI
  • Describing Package Build Logs
  • Setting Up Server Manager Event Notification
Troubleshooting JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Components
  • Appraising Troubleshooting for Data Access Problems
  • Troubleshooting for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne CNC Problems
  • Troubleshooting for Interactive and Batch Application Problems
  • Troubleshooting for Server Communication Problems
Performing Web Troubleshooting
  • Describing Web Architecture
  • Defining Web Server Logs for Troubleshooting
  • Evaluating Common JD Edwards HTML Web Server Post Install Issues
Using OMW for Troubleshooting
  • Describing the OMW Application
  • Using OMW Components for Troubleshooting
Using Applications to Troubleshoot
  • Describing JD Edwards Support Services and Tools
  • Setting Up Application Failure Recovery
Final Course Activity
  • Appraising Troubleshooting Scenarios
Course Review
  • Using Troubleshooting Techniques with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  • Using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools for Troubleshooting the System
  • Configuring and Managing Solution Explorer
  • Administering the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Server
  • Configuring and Managing Security for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  • Administering the Software Life-Cycle