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Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c for Developers (D96825)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Introduction to Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c
  • Explaining Concept of Web Experience Management
  • Identifying Components of the Product Architecture
  • Defining WebCenter Sites Terminology
  • Distinguishing Different Types of WebCenter Sites Users
Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c: User Interfaces
  • Identifying the User Interfaces available with WebCenter Sites
  • Describing the Tasks Performed with each Interface
  • Defining the Users who work with each Interface
Creating and Configuring a New CM Site
  • Creating a CM site in WebCenter Sites 12c
  • Creating Users in the WEM Interface
  • Discussing User Authentication and Authorization
  • Creating and Assigning Roles in the WEM Interface
Building the Content Model
  • Designing Content Model
  • Discussing Assets and Asset Types
  • Explaining the Page Asset Type
  • Describing Asset Relationships
  • Defining the Asset Types in a Flex Family
  • Discussing Core Asset Types
Administrating and Enhancing the Usability of Your CM Site
  • Configuring and Using Tree Tabs
  • Defining Start Menu Items
  • Describing Attribute Editors
  • Discussing URL Management
Configuring Dynamic Publishing
  • Discussing Publishing Methods
  • Examining RealTime Publishing Architecture
  • Explaining the Approval Process
  • Discussing the Lifecycle of Publishing Content Assets
  • Describing Site Capture Functionality
Advanced Topics: Asset Data Modeling
  • Exploring the Main Asset Models
  • Examining the Flex Asset Model
  • Discussing the Use of Flex Filters
  • Introducing Proxy Assets
Working with WebCenter Sites Developer Tools
  • Describing Tools and Utilities for Developers
  • Configuring and Using WebCenter Sites Developer Tools
  • Examining the Property Management Tool
Programming with Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c
  • Describing Site Design Asset Types
  • Explaining the Purpose of Rendering Frameworks
  • Defining and Contrasting 12c Development Methodologies
  • Describing WebCenter Sites Programming Objects
Building Templates
  • Creating Templates for Building a Website
  • Invoking Other Templates and Elements
  • Retrieving and Rendering Asset Data
  • Building Links to Content
  • Creating Code for Rendering Images
  • Generating Navigational Components
Coding Templates for Web Mode
  • Discussing Requirements for In-Context Editing
  • Coding for In-Context Content Editing
  • Coding for In-Context Presentation Editing
  • Coding for In-Context Content Creation
  • Defining Resultset Caching
  • Discussing Architectural Overview of Page Caching
  • Explaining Cache Criteria
  • Explaining Compositional Dependencies
  • Working with Embedded Pagelets
Mobile Delivery
  • Discussing Prerequisites for Developers
  • Explaining Key Concepts for Mobile Delivery
  • Configuring Mobility Features
Working with A/B Testing
  • Discussing Concepts of A/B Testing
  • Understanding the Lifecycle of A/B tests
  • Explaining the Developer Tasks for A/B tests
Visitor Services
  • Describing how Visitor Services are used by Marketers
  • Explaining the Developer Tasks with Visitor Services
  • Discussing the Visitor Services Architecture