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Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.2 Manage and Administer (SEPMA42)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Module 1: Managing Console Access and Delegating Authority
  • Create SEP administrator accounts and delegate administrative tasks to Limited administrators.
Module 2: Managing Client-to Server Communication
  • Analyze client-to-SEPM communication, restore communication between clients and the SEPM, and verify that clients are online with the SEPM.

Module 3: Managing Client Architecture and Active Directory Integration

  • Describe the interaction between sites, domains, and groups and how to manage groups, locations, and policy inheritance. You also learn how to import Active Directory Organizational Units and control access to client user interface settings.
Module 4: Managing Clients and Responding to Threats
  • Identify and verify the protection status for all computers and monitor for health status and anomalies. You also learn how to respond to threats.
Module 5: Monitoring the Environment and Responding to Threats
  • Monitor critical log data, identify new incidents, and proactively respond to threats.
Module 6: Creating Incident and Health Status Reports
  • Create reports that reflect your environment’s security status and health.
Module 7: Introducing Content Updates Using LiveUpdate
  • Describe the content delivery system (LiveUpdate) and learn how to reduce bandwidth consumption using the best method to deliver content updates to clients.
Module 8: Analyzing the SEPM Content Delivery System
  • Analyze the content delivery system and learn to configure and manage content distribution for clients.
Module 9: Managing Group Update Providers
  • Configure and monitor Group Update Providers. Examine the Group Update Provider health and status.
Module 10: Managing Certified and Rapid Release Definitions
  • Use Rapid Release definitions to remediate a virus outbreak.
Module 11: Configuring Location Aware Content Updates
  • Examine, configure, and monitor location aware content update updates.