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Veritas Cluster Server 6.x for Unix: Advanced Administration (CSUAA)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Reviewing an Existing VCS Environment

  • Understanding the VCS architecture
  • Building the cluster configuration
  • Configuring VCS

Configuring LLT

  • LLT over bonded interfaces
  • LLT over UDP
  • LLT over RDMA
  • LLT with different network interfaces
  • Manually configuring LLT

Using Multiple Public Network Interfaces

  • Configuring multiple service groups with network resources
  • MultiNICB and IPMultiNICB
  • MultiNICA and IPMultiNIC

Using Triggers to Customize VCS Behavior

  • Understanding triggers
  • Configuring triggers
  • Using multiple trigger scripts
  • Controlling applications with triggers

Managing Service Group Dependencies

  • Common application relationships
  • Service group dependencies
  • Service group dependency examples
  • Configuring service group dependencies
  • Limitations of service group dependencies

Using I/O Fencing for Application Data Integrity

  • Data protection requirements
  • I/O fencing concepts
  • I/O fencing operations
  • I/O fencing implementation
  • Fencing configuration

Using Coordination Point Server for Application Data Integrity

  • Coordination point concepts
  • Server-based fencing architecture
  • CPS operations
  • Installing and configuring a CP server
  • Configuring I/O fencing with CPS
  • Coordination point agent

Administering Fencing Configurations

  • Installing and configuring clustered CP servers
  • Administering CPS
  • Administering disk-based I/O fencing
  • Configuring preferred fencing

Reconfiguring Cluster Memberships

  • Removing a cluster node
  • Adding a cluster node
  • Merging clusters

Controlling Application Startup and Shutdown

  • Resource online and offline processes
  • Cluster startup
  • Startup rules and policies
  • Limits and Prerequisites

Controlling Application Failover

  • Failover rules and policies
  • Limits and Prerequisites
  • AdaptiveHA

Customizing Application Failover Behavior

  • VCS response to resource faults
  • Controlling failover with service group attributes
  • Controlling failover with resource type attributes

Managing System Outages

  • Differentiating between a system shutdown and an outage
  • Controlling cluster shutdown
  • Controlling applications during a system outage

Administering Campus Clusters

  • Disaster recovery solutions with SFHA
  • Preparing to set up a campus cluster configuration
  • Configuring Storage Foundation for campus clustering
  • Configuring a VCS service group for campus clusters
  • Testing site-awareness
  • Failure scenarios with campus clusters
  • Legacy campus clustering

Upgrading Storage Foundation High Availability

  • Planning to upgrade SFHA
  • Online upgrade
  • Full upgrade
  • Rolling upgrade
  • Phased upgrade
  • Finding and installing SFHA patches