Business & IT Convergence - Understand & Believe Internet of Things (BIC-UB-IOT)



Key Account Manager, Account Manager, Sales Team Leader, Business Development Manager


This course is part of our Business & IT Convergence series so it is recommended that you have attended or will attend one or more of our sales skills (sales process) related courses or have comparable skills / knowledge.


Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:
  • Understand and point-out trends that drive Internet of Things
  • Address the impact IoT has on existing business models
  • Understand the relevance of applications
  • Link IoT to other architectural elements (Big Data, Applications, Mobility)
  • Identify the value IoT creates for customers


The “Internet of Things” is on the brink of changing our world dramatically. Understanding IoT is crucial to seize new opportunities in our customers’ organizations. IoT will have a deep impact on all customers and enable new business models and change existing ones dramatically. Because of this potential it‘s required to understand the driving forces demanding change, as well as the challenges and opportunities stakeholders in the organization are faced with by IoT. This course enables the participants to use consultative techniques to identify opportunities and to sell IoT solutions successfully with confidence and knowledge.

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This course is one of the Understand & Believe modules of our Business & IT Convergence salesforce transformation program that consists of a number of sales skills (sales process) related courses as well as various solution (technology related courses).

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