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Kaspersky Security Center. Systems Management (009.11)


Course Overview

Systems Management covers alarge number of varied tools necessary for monitoring, management and troubleshooting. TheSystems Management functionality by Kaspersky is delivered via theNetwork Agent and is not related to anti-malware protection or Kaspersky Endpoint Security. TheSystems Management functionality requires only theNetwork Agent installed on the client computers.

Who should attend

The course is aimed at Microsoft Windows system administrators, security experts and administrators, technical support, and presale engineers.


Basic understanding of networking technologies: TCP/IP, DNS, email, web. Basic Windows administrator skills. Basic knowledge of information security principles.

To be able to master the course and efficiently fulfill the laboratory work, the students must have experience with Kaspersky Security Center and Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows

Course Content

  • Systems Management in Kaspersky Security Center
  • Licensing
  • What works without a Systems Management license
  • Access to the Systems Management functionality
Chapter 1. Software and hardware registries, third-party licenses usage, WDS, integration with SIEM
  • 1.1 Applications registry
  • 1.2 Third-party licenses usage
  • 1.3 Hardware registry
  • 1.4 Remote connection to client computers
  • 1.5 Integration with SIEM systems
  • Lab 1. How to manage third-party licensesLab
  • Lab 2. How to configure integration with a SIEM system
Chapter 2. Vulnerability and patch management
  • 2.1 Problem definition
  • 2.2 Search for vulnerabilities and required updates
  • 2.3 Windows Update synchronization
  • 2.4 Installing required updates and fixing vulnerabilities
  • 2.5 Installing programs from theKaspersky database
  • 2.6 Monitoring
  • Lab 3. How to prepare Kaspersky Security Center for the WSUS server role
  • Lab 4. How to scan for vulnerabilities and required updates
  • Lab 5. How to install critical Windows Updates on workstations
  • Lab 6. How to fix the vulnerability exploited by WannaCry malware
  • Lab 7. How to install only approved updates for third-party software in a group of computers
  • Lab 8. How to automatically update all browsers on the client computers
  • Lab 9. How to fix vulnerabilities in all programs except, for example, Java
  • Lab 10. How to installall available third-party updates in a group of computers
  • Lab 11. How to install a third-party application using the Kaspersky database
Chapter 3. Capturing and deploying computer images
  • 3.1 Problem definition
  • 3.2 Preparation
  • 3.3 How to create an operating system image
  • 3.4 Customization of the captured image
  • 3.5 How to deploy an operating system image
  • 3.6 Image deployment using a PXE server
  • Lab 12. How to capture an operating system image
  • Lab 13. How to deploy an operating system image on a managed computer
  • Lab 14. How to deploy an operating system image to a bare-metal computer

Every student does laboratory work independently on a separate set of virtual machines.

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