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Advanced Infrastructure Hacking (AIH)

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A practical course, teaching a wide variety of hacking/ Pen Test techniques to compromise Operating systems (Windows, Linux), Multiple Databases, web and App servers, Switches / Routers, VLAN hopping and VoIP / VPN exploitation. Written and delivered by real Pen Testers who have built their reputation on the world’s conference stage of BlackHat, AppSec, OWASP, Defcon et al.

  • Launched at BlackHat 2015
  • Latest exploits, highly relevant, continuously developed
  • Taught and written by real Pen Testers
  • Diverse content, feature rich, practical


You have to do some of the work upfront, but as Penetration Tester building your knowledge you should have your own laptop with Kali Linux running either natively or in a VMware platform. A previous knowledge of common hacking/enumeration tools such as Nmap, Metasploit etc., is recommended for the class.


Advanced Infrastructure Hacking will familiarise you with a wealth of hacking techniques for common operating systems, networking devices and everything else in between. The course is ideal for those preparing for CREST CCT (ICE), CHECK (CTL), TIGER SST and other similar industry certifications and those who perform Penetration Testing on infrastructure as a day job and want to take their skills to different level. From hacking Domain Controllers with MS14-068 to GHOST local root; VLAN Hopping to VoIP Hacking, you have got everything covered.

Advanced Infrastructure Hacking was written to address the need in the market for high-end training in the field of Infrastructure; inspired by our daily onsite Penetration Testing and training in the community / conferences. Whilst Application and Mobile Security is critical, the platforms upon which our applications are hosted are equally critical and often mis-understood. Vulnerability assessment tools only go so far in establishing key Infrastructure flaws be they architecture hosted locally, in a SaaS model or in the cloud. Launched at BlackHat 2015 which turned out to be the biggest training in Las Vegas that year, Advanced Infrastructure Hacking training is designed to push our clients forward with progressive.

The course has just been launched and talks about a wealth of modern vulnerabilities aka (MS14-068, MS15-077).

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