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JPA with Spring (JPAS)

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This training is designed for developers interested in developing JPA with Spring


  • Create basic Java web applications
  • Basic understanding of JDBC and relational database concepts


In this three day training you will learn how to create effective data-driven Spring applications with JPA and Hibernate. The training shows the use of both annotation and XML based configuration of both Spring and JPA. Through our trainings, you benefit from the wide experience and architectural expertise of our team. We bring that experience to you in a highly interactive, intensely hands-on setting.

At the end of the training, you should gain an understanding of creating Spring applications with JPA and be able to:

  • Configure JPA in the context of a Spring application
  • Create efficient object/relational mappings with JPA
  • Leverage the Spring Framework to facilitate JPA entity manager, transaction and exception management
  • Use JPA with Spring and understand fundamental architectural issues
  • Know how and when to use parts of the Spring Framework.



  • Introduction to Spring
  • Using Spring to configure an application
  • Simplifying application configuration
  • Annotation-based dependency injection
  • Simplifying JDBC-based data access with Spring
  • Driving database transactions in a Spring environment


  • Introducing object-to-relational mapping (ORM)
  • Getting started with JPA in a Spring environment
  • Using JPA annotations and Hibernate XML
  • Inheritance: considerations and trade-offs
  • Defining custom user-types for Value Objects
  • Using queries: JPQL, criteria API, native (SQL)
  • JPA in web applications: open entity manager in view
  • Using the different Java collection mappings
  • Using joins and components to go beyond naïve class to table mappings


  • Working with persistent objects
  • Lazy loading and detached objects
  • Optimistic and pessimistic locking
  • Mixing JPA and JDBC
  • Performance tuning
  • Advanced Features: interceptors, schema generation, caching, batching
Classroom Training
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Dauer 3 Tage

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