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Develop Mobile Front Ends Using Mobile Application Framework (D99508)


Course Overview

This Develop Mobile Front Ends Using Mobile Application Framework training teaches you how to use Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) to develop applications for mobile devices. It also teaches you how to access RESTful web services as data sources and connect to the Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) to support your mobile front-end development and enhance your mobile application functionality and experience

Learn to:
  • Configure JDeveloper for MAF development
  • Design and build a MAF application
  • Integrate your MAF application with server-side data and services using RESTFul Services
  • Integrate your MAF application with server-side data and services Mobile Cloud Services (MCS)
  • Use plugins to interact with the mobile device native features
  • Use offline synchronization, caching, and the local database to support offline functionality
  • Leverage reuse in the design and implementation of your application
  • Secure your MAF application
  • Test and debug your application
  • Deploy your application
Benefits to You

By taking this course, you will get a jump-start to designing and developing secure, well-designed, responsive mobile applications that use back-end services and on-device features to support your mobile application business requirements.

Who should attend

  • Java EE Developers
  • Cloud User
  • Mobile and Web Applications Developer
  • Application Developers
  • Java Developers
  • Developer


Required Prerequisites:
  • Knowledge of RESTful web services
Suggested Prerequisites:
  • Basic knowledge of Java programming
  • Java SE 8 Fundamentals or equivalent
  • Familiarity with JDeveloper

Course Objectives

  • Configure JDeveloper to support Mobile Application Framework development
  • Create a MAF application
  • Create content for a MAF application
  • Create navigation for the application
  • Create the data model to support interaction with RESTful web services
  • Use bindings and data controls to access data in the application
  • Configure the application for offline data caching and synching
  • Use Mobile Cloud Services to enhance application usability and functionality
  • Reuse MAF application content
  • Secure your MAF application and use secure services
  • Test and debug your application
  • Deploy your application

Course Content

Learn the basics of MAF and build a simple application:
  • Introduction to Mobile Application Framework (MAF)
  • Creating the MAF Application
  • Creating Features and Content
  • Creating the Client Data Model in a MAF Application
  • Creating Data-Bound Pages
  • Defining Task Flows and Navigation
Add functionality to pages with UI components, device features, Data Visualization Tools (DVT) and JavaBeans
  • Using Components to Create the MAF UI
  • Adding Functionality to the App - JavaBeans and EL
  • Using DVTs to enhance the look and feel
  • Using Plugins in a MAF Application
Enhance the functionality of the application with a more robust Client Data Model (CDM), Mobile Cloud Services, Offline Synchronization and Notifications
  • Creating a more complex Client Data Model
  • Using Oracle Mobile Cloud Services APIs in a MAF Application
  • Using Offline Synchronization, Caching and the Local Database
  • Enabling and Using Notifications
Complete the application with custom code, fragments, reusable features and security
  • Programming the MAF APIs
  • Reusing MAF Application Content
  • Securing MAF Applications
Test, debug and deploy the application
  • Testing and Debugging MAF Applications
  • Deploying MAF Applications
Appendix: REST and JSON
Online Training

Duration 4 days

Price (excl. tax)
  • 2,524.- €
Classroom Training

Duration 4 days

Price (excl. tax)
  • Austria: 2,844.- €
  • Switzerland: 2,844.- €

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.