Technology is changing the world in remarkable ways and creating opportunity for people who have the skills that are in highest demand.

The Microsoft Professional Program was created to help people gain these technical skills and get real-world experience through a series of online courses that feature hands-on labs and expert instructors.

Learning these skills – and proving you have them – could put you on the path to a rewarding career.

Why choose the Microsoft Professional Program?

  • Career Inspired: Skill up with the experts, and help open career doors.
  • Expert Instructors: Instructors come from a combination of industry and academia, giving them unique perspective.
  • Hands-on Skills: The courses in the program feature hands-on labs so you can practice with tools used in the field today. Plus, each course includes assessments to ensure that you have mastered these new skills.

Microsoft Professional Program Options: There are many ways to reach your goal!

Self-paced E-Learning with optional Learning as a Service (LaaS) offerings

Blended Learning including Instructor-led Online (ILO) events

Customized Onsite Classroom Training
with a small E-learning part

Click on the respective track below to view the details of our program options.

Microsoft Professional Program Procedure: How does a program work?

There are several tracks of the Microsoft Professional Program. Each learning program consists of different modules and a final Capstone Project. After passing all courses in a track and completing the final project, individuals earn a digitally sharable, résumé-worthy Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) credential that confirms mastery of these functional and technical skills.

Click on the respective track below to view the detailed programs.

Microsoft Professional Program Tracks: Develop the skills employers are looking for!

Get real-world experience with self-paced, online courses that feature practical demos, hands-on labs, and a final capstone project.

Data Science

10 required courses, 8-12 hours per course

Learn to work with and explore data using a variety of visualization, analytical, and statistical techniques.


8 required courses, 8-16 hours per course

Quickly get quality applications to market by learning the skills and tools to become a DevOps professional.

Big Data

10 required courses, 12-30 hours per course

Start a career in big data by learning the skills employers look for, from cloud storage and databases to Hadoop, Spark, and managed data services in Azure.

IT Support

14 required courses, 8-16 hours per course

Receive the wide set of skills knowledge that will allow you to work as a Tier 1 IT support professional.

Artificial Intelligence

10 required courses, 8-16 hours per course

Learn to build deep learning predictive models for AI.

Entry Level Software Development

13 required courses, 8-16 hours per course

Start with the very basics and build your foundation for a career in software development.

Do you have any questions about the Microsoft Professional Program?

You can reach us any time at +43 1 6000 880-0 or send an email to


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