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International event series with challenging tasks for developers

ITLS delivers Microsoft OpenHacks

ITLS is Microsoft's global partner for delivery and support Microsoft's multi-day OpenHacks. The events offer Microsoft partners and customers a very effective form of knowledge transfer for real-world scenarios using emerging technologies.

OpenHack is a unique and highly interactive program which brings together groups of developers to learn how to implement a given scenario through immersive, structured, hands-on, challenge-based hacking to solve real-world scenarios.

The events are targeted towards developers both new and familiar with the Microsoft ecosystem, including active coding experiences versus formal session-based presentations.

ITLS’s skilled Coaches can deliver events in a variety of OpenHack tracks:

  • AI-Powered Knowledge Mining
  • App Modernization with NoSQL
  • Containers
  • DevOps
  • Cloud Migration
  • Modern Data Warehousing
  • Serverless

By the end of 2019, Fast Lane Group will deliver and support a total of 20 OpenHacks worldwide in cities like London, Dublin, Rome, Milan, San Jose, Dallas, Seattle, Las Vegas, Chicago, Sydney or Bangalore.

See our London OpenHack video to find out more about the ideal opportunity to upskill together alongside industry peers and Microsoft engineers.