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Control Systems Fundamentals for Industrial Networking



Subscription Duration: 365 days

This course is designed to teach IT and Network Engineers basic concepts in Industrial Control systems. It covers an introduction to automation industry verticals, automation environment and introductory overview of the industrial control networks.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the target verticals as well and the evolution of the internet as it pertains to industrial automation
  • Describe the controllers in an industrial controlled network
  • Explain the high level elements in an industrial controlled manufacturing environment. Describe the manufacturing cell area and the industrial zones. Recognize the industry standards and other industrial considerations
  • Explain the high level elements required in the energy space. Recognize an energy space topology and its components. Identify communication standards for the energy space.
  • Describe the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) space and explain how Connected Fleet fits within this space. Recognize how wireless is utilized in the ITS space
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