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Hands-on Lab Exercises with current DNAC Hardware/Software

iTLS offers new Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Workshop

iTLS offers a new four-day workshop for the implementation of Intent-based Networking with Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA). The hands-on workshop provides participants with a comprehensive insight into Cisco DNA and its solution components and highlights the need for digitization in networks and the guiding principles of DNA.

The workshop includes many hands-on lab exercises with current hardware such as Cisco Catalyst 9300 Switches, Catalyst 9120, Aironet 2800 and 4800 Access Points, Cisco WLC 9800-CL, ISR "Fusion" Router, Catalyst 3650/3850 Switches, ISE 2.6, Prime Infrastructure 3.6, Cisco CMX 10.6, Windows 10 Wireless /Wired Clients, Windows DC Server and others. Each course participant has their own rack with Cisco DNA Center and the complete components mentioned above at their disposal.

Cisco Digital Network Architecture Implementation Workshop (DNAIW)

Detailed course content, dates and registration