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We are always on the lookout for exciting topics. In cooperation with Fast Lane we present you free webinars to new technolgies and features of our Vendors. Contact us if you have questions or would like to express a topic request.

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Our colleagues from the USA have exciting webinars for you on current topics and technologies. Click on the banner and select your preferred vendor and your preferred time. As always, registration is free. We hope you enjoy it.

Current webinars


You missed a webinar? No problem, we recorded it for you. Please find below all recorded webinars sorted by vendor.

Amazon Web Services

Fast Lane presents exciting webinars on AWS topics from devops to development and architecture. All modules are part of an AWS certificate. This is a great opportunity to get an insight into your next AWS certification.


You missed our "AI Is Changing Your Business, Is Your Business Ready?" Webinar?
No problem! Below you will find the recording.

Google Cloud

You missed our webinar series? Don't worry. We would like to give you an insight into the Google Cloud Platform anyway! Below you will find our recordings of Google Cloud webinar topics ranging from identity access management to cybernets to security.

Red Hat

Below you will find the recordings of past Red Hat webinars.

Further Recordings

Under Fast Lane On-Demand you will find more recorded webinars from our colleagues in the USA. We wish you much fun!

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