Sustainability Strategy and Actions

Company Statement

As a global business, the Fast Lane/iTLS Group is aware of the importance of sustainability. To meet these responsibilities, Fast Lane/iTLS Group follows the following 4 principles. These principles serve as a guideline for decisions made within the company and therefore apply to all interactions of the company with employees, customers and other involved stakeholders.

Eliminate waste and emissions

Emissions and the waste of resources are serious global issues. The Fast Lane/iTLS Group sets itself the goal of not wasting resources and not generating unnecessary emissions. All employees are encouraged to adopt a recycling behaviour and facilities are equipped accordingly.

Maximize the efficient use of resources and productivity

The Fast Lane/iTLS Group's value-added processes require resources. In order to handle them as sustainably as possible, the Fast Lane/iTLS Group aims to develop processes that are as efficient as possible in terms of resource consumption.

Safeguarding for the future

Even with a very conscious and efficient use of resources, sustainability is not guaranteed. There are scarce resources that require a particularly cautious approach to ensure that the availability is also secured for future generations. The Fast Lane/iTLS Group's goal is not to compromise the availability of such resources.

Digital Innovations

The Fast Lane/iTLS Group is a driver of new technologies and supports companies in their digital transformation through comprehensive know-how. The company believes that the resulting increases in efficiency (e.g. optimal use of resources in the cloud) or innovative ideas (e.g. paperless office) can help develop sustainable and strong companies.

The Fast Lane/iTLS Way

As a worldwide leading high tech training provider, we believe in the transformative power of knowledge. By tapping into the power of cloud computing, the paperless office and novel disruptive ideas accross all technologies, companies can maximise their efficenciy and growth potential. It is our mission to facilitate this worldwide high tech transformation by providing the highest quaility training at the cutting edge of new technologies and tech trends.

We work to ensure the high availability of course offerings by constantly improving the quality of online courses, eliminating unnecessary travel and enabling our customers from different regions to participate worldwide.

In addition to these aspects, Fast Lane/iTLS Group is also committed to making its own business processes as sustainable as possible. For this reason, internal guidelines were developed, which are intended to integrate the topic of sustainability into daily work and also to increase the level of knowledge of employees. The guidelines summarize principles to be implemented by employees (e.g. waste separation, considerate heating, recycling tricks).

In addition, the topic of sustainability is also taken into account in our basic process design by applying principles such as paperless processes in accounting, waste reduction in purchasing (recycled paper, reusable bottles), and sustainability in site management (charging options, environmentally friendly heating/cooling, sustainable power supply).

Projects and Stories

The Fast Lane/iTLS Group participates in regional and worldwide projects. A particular focus is on supporting rain forest reforestation projects.

Reforestation in Costa Rica

Various reforestation projects were supported in Costa Rica. Among other things, 30,000 trees were donated, which are secured in the long term and contribute to the reforestation and preservation of biodiversity.

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