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Oracle Spatial: Essentials (D56709)

Detailed Course Outline

  • Oracle Database: Location Features
  • Oracle Spatial: Spatial Data Management for Enterprise Applications
  • Oracle Spatial Development History
  • Oracle Spatial and Locator: art of the Oracle DBMS Kernel
  • Oracle Spatial Object-Relational Model
  • Review: Oracle’s Object-Relational Model
  • Common Geographical Terms Used in the Course
  • Oracle Spatial Documentation and Resources
Overview of Oracle Spatial Concepts
  • Define Oracle Spatial
  • Describe Geometric Primitive Types
  • Describe the Spatial Data Model
  • Coordinate Systems: Concepts
  • Explain Spatial Indexing
  • Describe the Optimized Query Model
  • Define Linear Referencing System
  • Define Geocoding and Routing
Creating Spatial Layers
  • Describe the MDSYS Schema
  • Spatial Native Data Type: SDO_GEOMETRY
  • Define different types of geometry elements
  • Construction of geometries by using the INSERT statement
  • Manage Spatial metadata
Defining Collection Geometries
  • Define Collection geometries: Multipoint, Multiline string, and Multipolygon
  • Describe Oriented point
  • SDO_GEOMETRY constructors and member methods
Associating Spatial Layers with Coordinate Systems
  • Define Coordinate systems and their different types
  • Geodetic coordinate system concepts
  • Whole earth geometry model and tolerance
  • Coordinate system transformations
  • Units supported by Oracle Spatial
Loading Spatial Data
  • Different ways of loading spatial data
  • Loading of spatial data by using SQL*Loader
  • Export and import utilities of the Data Pump technology
  • Load data using transportable tablespace
  • Load data using transactional insert
  • Use the Java shapefile converter
Validating and Debugging Geometries
  • Strategy for Geometry Validation
Using the Oracle Application Server MapViewer
  • Introduction to MapViewer
  • Architecture of Oracle Application Server MapViewer
  • Installation of Oracle Application Server MapViewer
  • Use MapViewer demos
  • Edit MapViewer Configuration File
Indexing Spatial Data
  • Concepts of R-tree indexing
  • CREATE INDEX and the R-tree parameters
  • Analyze, drop, and alter operations on the spatial index
  • Use the Spatial index dictionary views
  • Estimate R-tree index size and the resources required
Querying Spatial Data
  • Overview of the Spatial query model
  • Overview of spatial operators, procedures, and functions
  • Use the SDO_FILTER operator
  • Define Spatial topological relationships
  • Use the SDO_RELATE operator
  • Use the SDO_GEOM.RELATE function
  • Spatial queries and operators
  • Describe the SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE operator
  • Describe the SDO_NN operator
  • Spatial join by using the SDO_JOIN operator
Analyzing Geometries by Using Spatial Operators and Functions
  • Calculation of the area, length, and distance between geometries
  • Describe Arc densification and buffering
  • Use the Spatial Boolean functions
  • Explicit transformations with spatial functions
Using Spatial Analysis, MBR, Utility, and Aggregate Functions
  • Describe some of the Spatial analysis functions
  • Describe some of the Spatial MBR functions
  • Describe some of the Spatial utility functions
  • Describe some of the Spatial aggregate functions
  • Conversion between SDO_GEOMETRY and Geography Markup Language (GML)
Defining Maps by Using the Map Builder Tool
  • Introduction to Map Builder
  • Export and import styles
  • Use of Map Builder to administer style, theme, and map definitions
  • Use the Sample mapclient.jsp
  • Define a Sample XML request with elements
  • Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Map Service (WMS) and Oracle Workspace Manager support
Leveraging Oracle Maps: The Map Cache and JavaScript API
  • Oracle Maps concepts
  • Oracle Maps demo setup
  • Maps and Faces demo
  • More Oracle Maps demos
Creating a User-Defined Coordinate System
  • Coordinate systems concepts: Ellipsoids, Datums, and projections
  • Geodetic or projected coordinate systems
  • Define OGC WKT schema and EPSG
  • Creation of a user-defined coordinate system
  • Local coordinate system
Implementing a Linear Referencing System
  • Linear Referencing System (LRS) concepts
  • Define LRS geometries
  • Overview of LRS functions
  • Implementation of an LRS
Managing Spatial Indexes
  • Oracle Spatial index partitioning
  • Partition spatial data based on location
  • Define function-based indexes
  • Use transportable tablespaces
  • Embedded spatial geometry
Geocoding Address Data
  • Geocoding concepts
  • Oracle Spatial geocoding functions
  • Examples using geocoding functions
  • Geocoding service
Using the Spatial Routing Engine
  • Oracle Spatial Routing architecture
  • Route request and response
  • Sample RouteServer JSP