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Red Hat Security: Containers and OpenShift (DO425)

Detailed Course Outline

Describe host security technologies

Understand the core technologies that make Red Hat Enterprise Linux a robust and trusted container host.

Establish trusted container images

Describe the registries, services, and methods that comprise the Red Hat image ecosystem.

Implement security in the build process

Learn automated methods for integrating security checks into build and deployment pipelines.

Manage user access control

Apply methods for integrating and managing user authentication for operators and for web applications.

Control the deployment environment

Determine how a container platform secures the deployment process through policies and automation.

Manage secure platform orchestration

Study how a container platform secures the orchestration process through policies and infrastructure.

Provide secure network I/O

Discover the technologies and control features that enable multitenancy and project isolation.

Deliver secure storage I/O

Enable authorized, multitenant storage access through a firm understanding of related technologies and control features.