Using the Splunk IM Terraform Provider (USIMTP) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Topic 1 – Introduction to the Splunk IM Terraform Provider

  • Install terraform
  • Use the Splunk IM Terraform provider
  • Run a terraform plan

Topic 2 – Manage Chart Resources

  • Create chart resources
  • Modify SignalFlow in the chart resource
  • Specify chart options

Topic 3 – Manage Dashboards and Dashboard Groups

  • Create and modify dashboard groups
  • Create dashboard resources
  • Create datalinks

Topic 4 – Manage Alerting Resources

  • Create and modify detector resources
  • Add multiple rules to a detector
  • Create a muting rule

Topic 5 – Manage Teams

  • Create and modify team resources
  • Define team notification policies

Topic 6 – Manage Resources using Terraform

  • Define and use variables in Terraform
  • Use different options with Terraform plan and apply commands
  • Work with the Terraform state file
  • Import existing Splunk IM resources