Fundamentals of Metrics Monitoring in Splunk Observability Cloud (SIMF) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1 - Metrics Data Model

  • Define components of the Splunk IM Data Model
  • Metrics, MTS, datapoints
  • Data resolution, rollups
  • List the components of a datapoint

Module 2 – Types of Splunk Metrics Metadata

  • Discriminate between types of metadata
  • Use metadata to segment your data
  • Interact with data using the Infrastructure Navigator and built-in dashboards

Module 3 – Finding and Visualizing Metrics

  • Search for metrics
  • Visualize a metric in a chart
  • Create dashboards and dashboard groups
  • Distinguish between different chart visualization types

Module 4 – Using Rollups and Analytic Functions

  • Correctly apply rollups and analytic functions
  • Interpret data in charts

Module 5 – Alerting on Metrics

  • Create a detector from a chart
  • Clone a detector
  • Create standalone detector
  • Create a muting rule