Internet of Things (IoT)

Whole industries are being disrupted by new, more efficient means of accomplishing business objectives and creating business value. Both IT and business professionals need to align their knowledge and skills to our rapidly evolving world.

iTLS is helping forge this path forward with programs that help professionals, enterprises, IT/OT/IoT vendors and system integrators capitalize on the value created by bringing connectivity, analytics and new customer and workforce experiences into the enterprise.

"Connecting the Unconnected"

Our experts design and implement IoT solutions across multiple verticals and can help you unlock the value of “Connecting the Unconnected”. iTLS is also a member of the IoT Talent Consortium where we help define and structure areas relevant to IoT, contribute content and courses that help IoT professionals grow their competencies and define the certifications and credentials that will differentiate IoT professionals. Let iTLS help accelerate your IoT journey.

Managed Enablement™ Services

iTLS' Managed Enablement™ services help vendors and system integrators to bring IoT solutions to market and jump start sales and deployment solutions. These services are augmented by a powerful enablement framework, helping vendors and system integrators to build a practice around these IoT solutions.

Our IoT Partners

As the exclusive worldwide partner for azeti, Davra, and relayr and a Cisco Specialized Learning Partner, iTLS has the experience to meet your needs. We design, implement and deliver on IoT solutions across multiple verticals including Awareness Webinars, Roadshows, Test Drives, Customer Engagement Workshops, Mentored Install and Staff Augmentation.

IoT Workshop Services

See how you can benefit from the Internet of Things: