Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium


Product Description

Red Hat® Learning Subscription Premium provides a customizable learning experience with self-paced and live training options. Users can tailor their learning with recorded video classes, e-books, online content, and live virtual classes. A subscription provides access to content across the entire Red Hat product portfolio, content that is continuously updated by Red Hat experts. Live, instructor-led classes create an engaging, immersive learning experience. These interactive sessions compliment the on-demand, self-paced learning materials available with a Red Hat Learning Subscription for highly effective, flexible training for everyone from beginners to experienced professionals.

Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium includes:
  • All Red Hat online training and video classroom courses.
  • Live, virtual sessions taught by expert instructors.
  • Early access to courses in development.
  • 400 hours of cloud-based, hands-on lab time.
  • 10 downloadable e-books for offline use.
  • Skills paths for course selection guidance.
  • 5 certification exams with 2 retakes.
  • Expert extras: short videos explaining actual use cases and scenarios.
  • Expert chat: live, online instructor coaching.
  • User dashboard and reporting, as well as team-level reports.
  • Course content delivered in up to 10 languages
24x7 self-paced access to Red Hat online training and video classroom courses

Content is created by Red Hat experts who build and use Red Hat technology and is directly related to Red Hat certification exams.

Early access

Be the first to explore in-development technology before it is officially released by accessing courses and labs in development.

Cloud-based labs

Get hands-on practice in authentic Red Hat environments, delivered 24x7 on six continents.

Skills paths

Map your learning and certification goals to one of the skills paths inside the platform to develop a strong foundation for a specific skill set.

Certification exams and retakes

Validate your skills through performance-based exams remotely or at a testing station. Exams can be taken when and where it's most convenient.

Expert extras

Red Hat field practitioners present short demo videos to supplement courses by showing innovative technologies and practices based on actual use cases.

Expert chat

Get direct answers and guidance from curriculum experts via a 30-minute chat session per day. Machine translations provide chat dialogue in local languages.

E-book Downloads

Download course e-books to continue learning offline.


An individual’s dashboard provides a summary of training progress, courses and labs taken, and exam status. Management reports provide insights so a team’s engagement and progress can be measured.

Globally available, translated content

Access Red Hat’s most popular courses in as many as 11 languages: English, International Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, and Czech.*

*Course translations depend on training modality and course demand.

Review common subscription questions

What is early access content?

The early access content feature gives subscribers exclusive access to course chapters and lab environments in development before they are released for public purchase. All early access content is available in basic and standard subscriptions for consumption and allows users to give feedback on the material. Once the courses and labs are completed, they will be added to the full catalog in the subscription.

What are expert seminars?

Expert seminars are on-demand, high-definition videos offered as part of the standard tier of Red Hat Learning Subscription. These expert seminars are not scheduled and are available on demand at any time within the subscription term. These one- to two-hour videos are presented by industry thought leaders and expert practitioners as conversations about innovative technologies and practices, based on real-world use cases and scenarios. These seminars have a broad appeal to anyone involved with IT.

Which expert seminars are included in the Red Hat Learning Subscription?

Our standard subscription gives you access to nearly 150 video seminars from Red Hat instructors. These on-demand seminars supplement existing course content and feature practical approaches to the latest IT challenges, including:

  • Ansible: Changing the Root Password Using Variables and Filters
  • OpenShift: Multiple Deployment Methods
  • DevOps: A DevOps Strategy, Why Do I Need This?
  • Ansible: Automating Ansible Tower Configuration with Ansible and Ansible Tower
  • Microservices: Microservices and Functions

New seminars are released every month, helping you to keep up with the latest issues facing teams like yours.

Which courses and exams are included in the basic and standard subscriptions?

All courses that are available online are included in the basic and standard tiers of Red Hat Learning Subscription. With the standard subscription, you can also take any of the Red Hat certifications with your exam credits. Browse all of our courses and exams to find the right offerings for your learning path.

What are the terms of unique exams and unique retakes?

Certification exams are not included in the basic tier of Red Hat Learning Subscription. Exams are included only in the standard tier and developer tier. A standard subscription provides five first attempts for five different exams and retakes for two of these. For example, you could take the EX200 Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam twice and the EX300 Red Hat Certified Engineer exam twice, and you still would have three first attempts at three different exams left. Let’s say you needed two attempts to pass the EX200 RHCSA® exam but passed the EX300 RHCE® exam in one attempt. You would have three first attempts at three different exams left, plus you could retake one of those if needed. Renewing your subscription does not extend your first year’s exams, but instead it gives you a new set of five exams and two retakes.

E-Learning Red Hat Online Learning (RHOL)
Price (excl. tax)
  • 7,950.— €

Subscription duration: 365 days