Social and Safety Statement

Appreciative, cooperative and diverse work environment

The Fast Lane/iTLS Group is a global company with a large number of employees from different cultures and with different personalities. Our company considers itself responsible for providing a supportive and inclusive working environment for its employees. It is important to the company to accept and support the diversity of the employees in any form. In the following, the Fast Lane/iTLS Group provides guidance on topics that the company considers particularly important for good cooperation. The goal is to protect employees when necessary, but also to maximize all the positive influences of a diverse work environment. To ensure that everyone feels comfortable, we must respect and strengthen each other. We expect a culture of open communication at all levels.

Inclusion and Diversity

It has been and will continue to be a fundamental policy of the Fast Lane/iTLS Group not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other status or condition. The above-mentioned aspects should never have a negative influence on decision-making processes and should only be taken into account to the extent necessary.


Any discriminatory actions or conduct involving ridiculing or harassing of any person(s) on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, or marital status will not be tolerated by the Fast Lane/iTLS Group. Racial, sexual, religious, and ethnic slurs are unnecessary sources of conflict and are considered to be in violation of this policy. The Company prohibits any form of unlawful harassment.


The Fast Lane/iTLS Group takes complaints very seriously. Our employees are required to report conduct that violates our social principles as soon as practicable so that an immediate investigation of the allegations can be initiated. To ensure that everyone makes a report when necessary, anonymous reports of misconduct are also accepted and reviewed with due diligence.

Fast Lane's Principles

Employee Development

Employee training is a high priority for the Fast Lane/iTLS Group. The company wants to support employees in recognising their interests and passions, in fulfilling their potential through personal development and expanding skills. Therefore, the company encourages its employees to train and develop themselves. Regular feedback meetings are used to develop personal goals for employees.

Employee Well-Being

The Fast Lane/iTLS Group cares about the well-being of its employees and wants them to feel supported. Therefore, we offer our employees flexible working arrangements, but we expect them to take responsibility and fulfil their tasks. This can take the form of remote working and flexible working hours in order to find individual solutions.

Open and Honest Communication

Communication, verbal and non-verbal, is an important part of our culture. For the Fast Lane/iTLS Group, values such as fairness, transparency, honest feedback, supportive interaction and open communication is very important. Through these values we have the chance to constantly improve ourselves.


Employees are encouraged to participate in community charitable, religious, educational, community and other activities. Fast Lane/iTLS Group considers itself apolitical and therefore accepts any activity that is in accordance with relevant laws as well as company policies. If any organization or activity is associated with Fast Lane/iTLS Group, it is important to report it and review issues such as conflicts of interest.


The handling of personal data is treated with the upmost importance. Confidential information about the Fast Lane/iTLS Group, its employees, customers or suppliers that comes to the knowledge of employees in the course of their employment is for business purposes only and remains confidential. Such information may not be transmitted by an employee to any other person except as required for the proper conduct of business transacted by Fast Lane. Under no circumstances confidential information can be used as a basis for employees' personal investments.

Workplace Safety

We are actively committed to the prevention of accidents, injuries and illness in our daily work. Workplace risk assessment are carried out and reviewed on a regular basis. We recognize and require that everyone plays an active role in maintaining a safe and healthy working environment. Employee training is carried out where necessary. The Fast Lane/iTLS Group follows regional laws and enforces them at the local sites.