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Oracle BI Publisher 12c R1: Fundamentals (D102075)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Introduction to Oracle BI Publisher 12c
  • Course Agenda
  • Functions of Reporting Systems including Challenges
  • Salient Features of BI Publisher
  • BI Publisher as a Strategic Reporting Solution for All Applicationss
  • Overview of Oracle BI Foundation Suite
  • Introducing BI Publisher Paradigm
  • Overview of Oracle BI EE
  • Overview of Oracle Fusion Middleware
BI Publisher Technology and Architecture
  • Multitier Architecture
  • Internationalization and Language Support
  • Supported Data Sources
  • Layout Templates
  • Document Generation Process and Output Formats
  • Bursting Overview
  • Functional Components
  • Enterprise Server Architecture and Performance and Scalability
Getting Started with BI Publisher
  • Managing Repository Objects
  • Viewing Reports
  • Configuring Report Properties
  • Using Create Report wizard to Create Reports
  • Selecting Data: Data Model, Spreadsheet, and BI Subject Area
  • Logging In, the Home Page, and Global Header, and Setting Account Preferences
  • Managing Favorites
Using the Data Model Editor
  • Viewing Data and Saving Sample Data Sets
  • Configuring Parameter Settings and Viewing Reports with Parameters
  • Adding Parameters and LOVs to the Query
  • Creating a Simple Data Model based on a SQL Query Data Set
  • Exploring the Data Model Editor UI and the Supported Data Sources
  • Exploring the Schemas Used in the Course
  • Creating a Private Data Source
  • Using Query Builder to Build a Query
Working with Layout Editor
  • Creating Boilerplates
  • Working with Lists, Gauges and Pivot Tables
  • Creating a Layout by Using a Basic Template
  • Inserting a Layout Grid
  • Adding a Table, Formatting Columns, Defining Sorts and Groups, and Applying Conditional Formats
  • Adding Repeating Sections, Text Items, and Images
  • Opening the Layout Editor and Navigating the Layout Editor UI
  • Inserting and Editing Charts, and Converting Charts to a Pivot Tables
Using Template Builder to Create RTF Templates
  • Exploring the Basic and Form Field Methods
  • Creating an RTF Template from a Sample, Changing Field Properties, and Previewing Table Data
  • Designing an RTF Template for a BI Publisher Report
  • Adding a Chart to an RTF Template
  • Creating a BI Publisher Report by Using Template Builder in Online Mode
  • Using the BI Publisher Menu Bar
  • Exploring Advanced RTF Template Techniques Including Conditional Formats, Watermarks, Page-Level Calculations, Running Totals, Grouping, and Sorting
BI Publisher Server: Administration and Security
  • Describing Groups, Users, Roles, and Permissions
  • Integrating with Oracle BI Presentation Services and Oracle Endeca Server
  • Describing Delivery Options Including Print, Fax, Email, WebDav, HTTP Server, FTP, and CUPS
  • Describing the Security Model for BI Publisher and Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Creating the JDBC Connections
  • Setting, Viewing, and Updating Data Sources
  • Describing and Configuring BI Publisher Scheduler
  • Describing the Administration Page
Scheduling and Bursting Reports
  • Adding a Bursting Definition to a Data Model
  • Managing and Viewing a Report Job
  • Scheduling a Bursting Job
  • Viewing Report Job History
  • Scheduling a Report with Trigger
  • Describing Bursting
  • Scheduling and Describing a Report Job and Related Options
Integrating BI Publisher with Oracle BI Enterprise Edition
  • Configuring Presentation Services Integration
  • Creating a Data Model and Report based on a BI Server SQL Query
  • Navigating Oracle BI EE
  • Adding a BI Publisher Report to an Oracle BI EE Dashboard
  • Creating a Data Model and Report based on an Oracle BI Analysis
  • Creating a Report based on OBI EE Subject Area
Creating Data Models and BI Publisher Reports Based on Other Data Sources
  • Explaining Proxy Setting for Web Services and HTTP Data Sources
  • Creating a BI Publisher Report based on an External Web Service
  • Creating a BI Publisher Report Based on CSV Data source
  • Describing the Web Services Data Source
  • Configuring Presentation Services Integration
  • Creating a BI Publisher Report based on an HTTP Data Set
  • Describing the HTTP (XML/RSS Feed) Data Source
  • Creating a BI Publisher Report Based on XML File
Performing Translations
  • Exporting and Importing the XLIFF for a Catalog Folder
  • Managing XLIFF Translations on BI Publisher Server
  • Describing the Overall Translation Process
  • Translating by Using the XLIFF Option
  • Translating by Using the Localized Template Option
  • Describing Catalog Translation
  • Describing Translation Types