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Oracle Database 11g: Managing Oracle on Linux for DBAs (D55650)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Review of Linux Basics
  • Linux Directory Structure
  • File Permissions and Security
  • Common Linux Commands and Programs
  • Working with Linux Shells
  • Bash Shell Scripting
Preparing Linux for Oracle
  • Linux Distributions
  • Verifying the Linux Kernel
  • Using the /proc System
  • Setting Kernel Parameters
  • Managing Packages
  • Using the oracle-validated RPM
  • Creating Groups and Users
  • The nobody User
Installing Oracle on Linux
  • Setting Environment Variables Pre-Installation
  • Optimal Flexible Architecture
  • Installing New Releases
  • Managing Multiple Oracle Versions
  • Setting Oracle Environment Variables
  • Performing a Silent or Suppressed Installation
  • Oracle Patch Utility
  • Oracle Relink Utility
Managing Storage on Linux
  • Oracle Database Storage Options
  • Supported Linux I/O Modes
  • Disks and Partitions
  • Managing Partitions
  • Logical Volume Manager Concepts
  • Attached Storage
  • Linux and File Systems
  • Monitoring Disk Usage and Free Space
Using Oracle ASM on Linux
  • Automatic Storaget Management Library Driver
  • Installing and Initializing ASMLib
  • Configuring Disks
  • Marking Disks as Automatic Storage Management Disks
  • Creating an ASM Instance
  • ASM Installation Best Practices
  • Disk Group Configuration Best Practices
Automating Oracle on Linux
  • Automating Tasks
  • Linux Startup Sequence
  • Linux Runlevels
  • Automating Startup and Shutdown of Oracle Processes
  • Working with the dbstart and dbshut Scripts
  • Linux Scheduling Tools
  • Scheduling a Backup with cron
Optimizing Linux for Oracle
  • Standard Linux Measurement Tools
  • Measuring CPU Activity and Reducing CPU Bottlenecks
  • Monitoring and Tuning Memory
  • Monitoring and Tuning Disk I/O
  • Basic Oracle Database Optimizations
  • Basic Linux Optimizations
  • Page Address Extensions for 32-bit Systems
  • Configuring Hugepages
Additional Linux Tips for DBAs
  • Simple Shell Scripts to Simplify DBA Tasks
  • Adding Command History to SQL*Plus
  • Finding Files with SETUID or SETGID Set
  • Capturing System Data Using Scripts
  • Finding Background Processes
  • Finding Server Processes
  • Killing Server Processes
  • Query Output in an Environment Variable
Troubleshooting Oracle Issues on Linux
  • Monitoring alert log with ADRCI
  • Resolving ORA-600/ORA-7445 Errors
  • Process Hierarchy
  • Viewing the Startup Environment for a Process
  • Viewing the Status of a Process
  • Recovering from Database Crashes
  • Debugging a Core Dump
  • Using strace