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Implementing Oracle Database Firewall (D72591)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Introduction to Oracle Database Firewall
  • Understanding How Data is Compromised
  • Understanding Oracle’s Defense in Depth Security Approach
  • Oracle Database Security Solutions
  • Oracle Database Firewall (Overview)
  • Positive Security Model-Based Enforcement
  • Negative Security Model-Based Enforcement
  • Oracle Database Firewall Architecture
  • Protected Databases
Installing Oracle Database Firewall
  • Installation Overview
  • Installing Database Firewall and Database Firewall Management Server
  • Logging in to the Administration Console
  • Installing the Firewall Analyzer
  • Database Firewall Sizing
Configuring Oracle Database Firewall
  • Configuring a Standalone Oracle Database Firewall System
  • Configuring an Oracle Database Firewall Management Server System
  • Creating an Enforcement Point
  • Oracle Database Firewall Operational Modes (Database Activity Monitoring, Database Policy Enforcement)
  • Oracle Database Firewall Logging
  • Oracle Database Firewall Logs
  • Determining the Protection Level for your Databases
  • Configuring System Administrator Users
Configuring Policies
  • Oracle Database Firewall Policy Enforcement
  • Policy Engine Flow
  • Configuring Policies
  • Oracle Database Firewall Preconfigured Policies
  • Creating Policy Files
  • Custom Policy Development Overview
  • Enabling the Firewall Analyzer to Understand Database Usage
  • Creating a Policy
Creating Advanced Configuration Policies
  • Using Profiles
  • Using a Novelty Policy
  • Novelty Policy Example
  • Creating a Novelty Policy
  • Oracle Database Firewall Reporting System
  • Using the Summary Reports
  • Using the Summary Compliance Reports
  • Using the Search Log Function
  • Using Search Log Results
  • Creating Audit Reports
  • Using the Search Log Results in Audit Reports
  • Generating the Audit Report
Stored Procedure Auditing
  • Stored Procedure Auditing Overview
  • Stored Procedure Auditing Architecture
  • Creating Users and Setting Permissions for Stored Procedure Auditing
  • Enabling Stored Procedure Auditing
  • Auditing Changes to Stored Procedures
User Role Auditing
  • User Role Auditing Overview
  • User Role Auditing Architecture
  • Creating Users and Setting Permissions for User Role Auditing
  • Enabling user Role Auditing
  • Auditing Changes to User Roles
Configuring and Using Local Monitoring
  • Local Monitoring Overview
  • Oracle Database Firewall Architecture:Local Monitoring
  • Installing Oracle Database Firewall Monitoring Software
  • Installing Local monitoring in an Oracle Database
  • Installing Local monitoring in a Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • Installing Local monitoring in a Sybase ASE Database
  • Enabling Local Monitoring
Configuring and Using Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring Overview
  • Oracle Database Firewall Architecture: Remote Monitoring
  • Prerequisites for Remote Monitoring
  • Configuring the Remote Monitor in the Administration Console
  • Download the Configuration File
  • Contents of the remote-agent.conf FIle
  • Executing the Remote Monitor Script
  • Verifying that the Remote Monitor is Active
Additional System Management Tasks
  • Archiving Data
  • Configuring syslog Logging
  • Deleting Logs and History