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Oracle Application Express Workshop I (D79653)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Course Overview
  • Course Goals
  • Course Outline
  • Order Management Database Application (OMDA)
  • Introducing Course Persona: Jack
  • Course Environment: Products Installed
  • Course Environment: Workspace Details
  • Accessing the Labs Directory
Introducing Oracle Application Express
  • Application Express Overview
  • Application Express Terms and Concepts
  • Using Application Express
Creating a Desktop and Mobile Database Application
  • Application Builder Overview
  • Introducing Database Applications
  • Creating Database Applications
  • Creating Mobile Application
Working with Reports for Desktop Application
  • Introducing Reports
  • Using Classic Reports
  • Using Interactive Reports
  • Creating and Customizing an Interactive Report
Working with Reports for Mobile Application
  • Creating Reports for a Mobile Application
  • Creating Column Toggle Report
  • Creating a Reflow Report
Creating Forms
  • Using Forms
  • Creating Forms
  • Modifying Forms
  • Creating a Form in a Mobile Application
Working with Pages and Regions
  • Introducing Page Definition
  • Working with Page Regions
  • Working with Pages
Adding Items and Buttons
  • Introducing Items
  • Using Items
  • Creating List of Value (LOV) Type of Items
  • Using Buttons
Understanding Session State
  • Understanding Session State in Oracle Application Express
  • Using Session State in Oracle Application Express
Including Page Processing
  • Introducing Page Processing
  • Including Computations
  • Including Processes
  • Including Validations
  • Including Branches
Validating and Debugging Your Application
  • Using the Advisor
  • Managing Your Attribute Dictionary
  • Debugging Your Application
Adding Shared Components That Aid Navigation
  • Introducing Shared Components
  • Creating Tabs
  • Creating Lists
  • Creating Breadcrumbs
  • Creating a Navigational Bar
Working with Themes, Templates and Files
  • Using Themes
  • Using Templates
  • Using Files
Implementing Security
  • Securing an Application
  • Using Authentication Schemes
  • Using Authorization Schemes
  • Using Session State Protection
Managing Application Navigation
  • Building a Hierarchical List with Images
  • Building a Site Map
  • Enforcing Authorization on Your Site Map
  • Linking Interactive Reports using a Declarative Filter
Extending Your Application
  • Creating Data Load Wizard Pages
  • Creating an Upload and Download Page
  • Adding BLOB Data to an Existing Application
  • Sending Email from an Application
Creating and Editing Charts
  • Creating and Using Charts
  • Enhanced Charting Examples
Adding Calendars and Trees
  • Using Calendars
  • Using Trees
Using Dynamic Actions and Plug-Ins
  • Using Dynamic Actions
  • Using Plug-Ins
Utilizing Application Express Printing
  • Printing a Standard Report with Derived Output
  • Creating a PDF Report with Multiple Queries
Managing Application Feedback
  • What is Team Development?
  • Managing Feedback