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Oracle Database Security: Preventive Controls (D90836)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

  • Course Objectives
  • Related courses and where this fits
  • Course Schedule and Appendices
Using Basic and Strong User Authentication
  • Basic Authentication
  • Strong Authentication
  • Database Link Passwords Protection
  • Security of Roles
Configuring Global User Authentication
  • About Enterprise User Management (EUS)
  • EUS and LDAP Integration
Using Proxy Authentication
  • Security Challenges of Three-Tier Computing
  • Proxy Authentication Solutions
Encryption Concepts and Solutions
  • Concepts
  • Solutions
  • Oracle Solutions
Using Built-In Encryption in Applications
  • Usage
Using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)
  • Overview
  • The Master Keys and the Keystore
  • Hardware Keystore
  • Encryption
Database Storage Security
  • RMAN and OSB Backups
  • RMAN Encryption Modes
  • Data Pump Export and Import of Encrypted Data
Introduction to Oracle Key Vault
  • What is Oracle Key Vault?
  • Using Oracle Key Vault
Installing Oracle Key Vault
  • Installation
  • Endpoints
Using Oracle Key Vault
  • Reviewing or refreshing prerequisite knowledge
  • Contrasting Oracle Wallets and OKV Virtual Wallets
Administering Oracle Key Vault
  • Roles in detail
  • Best practice tips for Oracle Key Vault
Automated Sensitive Data Discovery
  • Overview
  • Application Data Modeling
  • Managing Application Data Models
Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting overview
  • Overview
Masking Sensitive Data in Non-Production Environments
  • Exploring Data Masking Format Library
  • Data Masking Transformations
Subsetting Data
  • Exploring Data Subsetting definitions
Managing Data Masking and Subsetting
  • Administering Data Masking and Subsetting
  • Heterogeneous masking and subsetting
  • Best Practices
Oracle Advanced Security - Data Redaction
  • Need to redact or dynamically mask data
  • Implementing Data Redaction
  • Data Redaction usage guidelines
Oracle Transparent Sensitive Data Protection (TSDP)
  • TSDP Implementation
Oracle Database Vault Overview
  • Understand Database Vault Controls
  • What is a Realm? A Rule Set? A Command Rule? A Secure Application Role?
  • What are Factors and Identities? Component Relationships and Evaluation?
  • Database Vault Effects and Example
  • Software Overview: API, Views, and Integration with Other Oracle Products
Configuring Database Vault
  • Configuring Database Vault
  • Database Vault Roles and Schema
  • What to Expect After You Enable Database Vault
  • Securing Data in Multitenant Environments
  • Configuring Database Vault Users in Cloud Control 12c
Analyzing Privileges
  • Privilege Analysis Overview and Features
  • How Does it Work?
  • What are The Types of Analysis, Tools, and Prerequisites?
  • Managing Privilege Analysis Policies
  • Use Cases