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Oracle Database 12c: RAC and Data Guard Integration Workshop (D94430)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Introduction to High Availability Best Practices
  • Understand Oracle Clusterware
  • Understand Oracle ASM
  • Understand Oracle RAC
  • Understand Oracle Data Guard
  • Design a Maximum Availability Architecture in your environment
Converting a Single Instance to an Oracle RAC Database
  • Scenario 1: Convert a single instance on a non-clustered enviornment to RAC
  • Scenario 2: Convert a single instance on a clustered environment to RAC
Configuring Oracle Net Services in a Data Guard Environment with RAC
  • Review of Oracle Net Services
  • Configuring Oracle Net Services in a Data Guard Environment
Deploying a Physical Standby Database in an Oracle RAC environment Using SQL and RMAN Commands
  • Preparing the Primary Database
  • Configuring Oracle Net Services
  • Preparing the Standby Hosts
  • Starting the standby database instance
  • Completing the RAC Configuration
  • Starting the transport and application of redo
Configuring Oracle Data Guard in an Oracle RAC environment
  • Data Guard Broker Configuration
  • Redo Transport and Apply Services
  • Data Guard Deployment Options
  • Role Transition Services
  • Flashback Database
  • Fast-Start Failover
Managing Physical Standby Files After Structural Changes on the Primary Database
  • Scenario 1: Creating a tablespace
  • Scenario 2: Dropping or deleting a tablespace or data file
  • Scenario 3: Using Transportable Tablespaces
  • Scenario 4: Moving an Online Data File
  • Scenario 5: Adding or Dropping a redo log file group
  • Scenario 6: NOLOGGING Operations
  • Scenario 7: Refreshing the Password File
  • Scenario 8: Resetting the TDE Master Encryption Key
Effective Client Failover Using Application Continuity
  • Connecting to the appropriate environment
  • Fast Notification of Clients
  • Automatic Client Failover
  • Handling In-Flight Transactions
  • Replaying Incomplete Requests
  • RAC and Application Continuity
  • Data Guard and Application Continuity
Effective Service Failover and Workload Management Using Global Data Services
  • Concept Review
  • Global Data Services Overview
  • Global Service Overview
  • Client Connectivity in GDS
  • Global Data Services Deployment
Performing Database Recovery in an Oracle Data Guard environment
  • Basic concept of the Oracle Database Recovery
  • Recovery Considerations in Oracle Data Guard (Media Failures)
  • Recovery Considerations in Oracle Data Guard (Logical Failures)
Performing Data Guard Standby-First Patch Apply
  • Background: Data Guard Support for Heterogeneous Configuration
  • Phases of Data Guard Standby-First Patch Apply
Disassociating a Snapshot Standby Database from a Data Guard Configuration
  • Snapshot Standby Databases Overview
  • Disassociating a Snapshot Standby from a Data Guard Configuration
Rolling Database Upgrade Using Transient Logical Standby
  • Phase 1: Completing Prerequisites
  • Phase 2: Preparing for Upgrade
  • Phase 3: Performing Pre-Upgrade Tasks
  • Phase 4: Upgrading Transient Logical Standby
  • Phase 5: Performing Post-Upgrade Tasks
  • Phase 6: Preparing Original Primary Database for Upgrade
  • Phase 7: Performing the Final Upgrade Tasks