Aruba Certified Expert – Network Security (ACX-NS)

This certification verifies that you have advanced knowledge in using Aruba solutions to enforce Zero Trust Security. This also validates that you can design and implement role-based access controls, develop a secure network utilizing many of the tools within Aruba's product suite, and implement and configure the most advanced ClearPass Policy Manager features to leverage this powerful access control tool across multiple Aruba products such as IAP, AOS10, and Central.

Why earn this certification?
  • Position yourself as an expert network security integrator capable of designing, deploying, integrating, and articulating an advanced PKI solution.
  • Demonstrate your ability to architect an enterprise-class network design that aligns with security policies, applies role-based access control, integrates with ecosystem partners, and more.
  • Advance your career and job satisfaction as an HPE Aruba Networking certified Network Security expert.
This certification validates that you can:
  • Integrate Aruba solutions with ecosystem partner solutions
  • Explain how Aruba solutions map to local compliance
  • Define PKI best practices and implement certificate-based authentication
  • Explain and implement role-based access control
  • Implement Aruba Zero Trust Security for the unified infrastructure using ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM) and other ClearPass solutions
  • Design enterprise-wide firewall policies (appRF, PEF, WIPS, WCC) for clients in a variety of wired and wireless architectures
  • Architect complex ACLs per wired interface and VLAN
  • Design and implement Dynamic Segmentation
  • Design and deploy secure client-to-site access using Aruba Central and Aruba gateways
  • Design and deploy Gateway IDS/IPS
  • Analyze logs, alerts, and other features at an expert level to detect threats
  • Remediate the security risk
  • Tune alerts
  • Interpret and respond to endpoint classification data, as well as use it to tune policies
  • Perform a comprehensive threat analysis in a set timeframe


The ideal candidate has worked 4-5 years in networking with 2-3 years in security-focused fields. The candidate is experienced in auditing and remediating network vulnerabilities, designing and troubleshooting enterprise-level network solutions, and articulating key technical concepts associated with network security.


The Aruba Certified Expert – Network Security certification is valid for three years from date achieved.

To recertify, you must pass the current written exam on Pearson VUE.