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Oracle Database Security: Detective Controls (D90844)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

  • Course Objectives and Schedule
  • Course Practices and Additional Information
Using Unified Audit
  • Auditing Overview
  • Unified Audit Management
  • Specific Audit Situations
Using Fine-Grained Audit
  • Comparison with Unified Auditing
  • Overview
  • FGA Implementation
Introduction to Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall (AVDF)
  • Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall Features
  • Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall Components
  • Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall Architecture
  • Supported Secured Targets
  • Integrating Oracle AVDF with Third-party Products
  • Oracle AVDF Administrator Tasks
  • Oracle AVDF Auditor Tasks
Planning the Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall Implementation
  • Evaluating Oracle AVDF Configuration Requirements
  • Configuring Oracle AVDF and Deploying the Audit Vault Agent
  • Configuring Oracle AVDF and Deploying the Database Firewall
Installing the Audit Vault Server
  • Requirements for Installation of Oracle AVDF
  • Network Interface Card Requirements
  • Installing an Audit Vault Server
  • Performing Audit Vault Server Post-Installation Tasks
Configuring the Audit Vault Server
  • Specifying the Server Date and Time
  • Setting or Changing the Audit Vault Server Network Settings
  • Configuring or Changing the Audit Vault Server Service
  • Configuring the Audit Vault Server Syslog Destinations
  • Defining Datafile Archiving Locations
  • Creating Archiving Policies
  • Configuring the Email Notification Service
  • Configuring Administrative Accounts for the Audit Vault Server
Configuring Oracle AVDF and Deploying the Audit Vault Agent
  • Understanding Network Requirements for AV Server and AV Agent
  • Registering Hosts in the Audit Vault Server
  • Deploying and Activating the Audit Vault Agent on Host Computers
  • Registering the Audit Vault Agent as a Windows Service
  • Creating User Accounts for Oracle AVDF
  • Registering Secured Targets
  • Configuring Audit Trails for Secured Targets
  • Configuring Stored Procedure Auditing
Networking and Oracle AVDF
  • Overview of the OSI 7-level Network Model
  • Overview of IPv4 Addressing and Routing
  • Overview of MAC Addressing
  • Overview of Virtual LANs (VLANs)
  • Overview of Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  • Oracle AVDF Deployment Models (inline, out of band, and proxy)
  • Best Practices for Database Policy Enforcement (DPE) and Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) Modes
Installing a Database Firewall
  • Requirements for Installation of a Database Firewall
  • Network Interface Card (NIC) Requirements
  • Installing a Database Firewall
  • Performing Database Firewall Post-Installation Tasks
Configuring Oracle AVDF and Deploying Database Firewall
  • Configuring Basic Settings for Database Firewall
  • Configuring a Database Firewall on Your Network
  • Associating a Database Firewall with the Audit Vault Server
  • Registering Secured Targets
  • Configuring Enforcement Points
  • Configuring and Using Database Interrogation
  • Configuring and Using Database Response Monitoring
Using Host Monitoring
  • Overview of Host Monitoring
  • Installing and Enabling Host Monitoring
  • Checking the Status of the Host Monitor
  • Stopping the Host Monitor
Configuring High Availability
  • Overview of Oracle AVDF High Availability Architecture (resilient pairs)
  • Configuring a Resilient Pair of Audit Vault Servers
  • Configuring a Resilient Pair of Database Firewalls
Creating Custom Collection Plug-ins
  • Overview of Audit Collection Plug-ins
  • General Procedure for Writing Audit Collection Plug-ins
  • Setting Up Your Development Environment (downloading the SDK)
  • Creating Audit Collection Plug-ins
  • Packaging Audit Collection Plug-ins
Managing the Audit Vault Server
  • Starting an Archive Job
  • Restoring Audit Data
  • Monitoring Jobs
Managing the Database Firewalls
  • Viewing and Capturing Network Traffic in a Database Firewall
  • Viewing the Status and Diagnostics Report for a Database Firewall
  • Removing a Database Firewall from the Audit Vault Server
Overview of the Auditing and Reporting Features
  • Overview of Database Firewall Policies
  • Overview of Oracle Database Audit Policies
  • Overview of Reports and Report Schedules
  • Overview of Oracle Database Entitlement Auditing
  • Overview of Oracle Database Stored Procedure Auditing
  • Overview of Alerts and Email Notifications
Performing Administrative Tasks
  • Viewing a List of Audit Trails and Audit Trail Status
  • Viewing a List of Enforcement Points and Enforcement Point Status
  • Specifying a Data Retention Policy
  • Creating Secured Target Groups
  • Assigning a Secured Target to a Compliance Group
  • Managing User Accounts and Access
  • Creating Templates and Distribution Lists for Email Notifications
  • Monitoring Jobs
Creating Audit Policies for Oracle Databases
  • Overview of Audit Policies and Audit Data Collection
  • Overview of Oracle Database Auditing
  • Recommended Audit Settings
  • Creating Audit Polices for Oracle Database (overview)
  • Retrieving and Modifying Audit Settings from an Oracle Database
  • Creating Additional Audit Policy Settings for an Oracle Database
Creating Database Firewall Policies
  • Overview of Database Firewall Policies
  • Creating a Firewall Policy
  • Defining Firewall Policy Rules and Settings
  • Using Profiles to Customize a Firewall Policy
  • Publishing Firewall Policies
  • Deploying Firewall Policies to Secured Targets
Oracle AVDF Reports
  • Using the Built-in Reports
  • Managing Reports
  • Customizing Built-in Reports
  • Creating Custom Reports
Managing Entitlements
  • Overview of Entitlement Data (what is it?)
  • Retrieving Entitlement Data from an Oracle Database (creating a snapshot)
  • Creating Labels for Snapshots
  • Assigning Labels to Snapshots
  • Using Entitlement Reports