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CEL Best of Partitioning with Uwe Hesse (D101218)



In this one day seminar, Uwe Hesse will review some of the key aspects of partitioning across all versions, including some new features of 12c.

Learn About:
  • Partition Pruning.
  • Rolling Window.
  • Interval Partitioning.
  • Compressed Partitions.
  • Exchange Partition.
  • Partition Indexes: Local vs Global.
  • When to use which kind of partitioned index.
  • Reducing contention with Hash partitioning.
  • 12c New Features:.
  • Online partition move.
  • Partial indexing.


  • Database Administrators
  • Architect
  • Project Manager


  • Prior knowledge of partitioning is not required


  • Learn to use the most important and most efficient techniques related to partitioning


  • Partition Pruning
  • Rolling Window
  • Interval partitioning
  • Compressed Partitions
  • Exchange Partition
  • Partitioned Indexes: Local vs Global
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